Sunday, October 10, 2010

Social Media - Where Competitors Become Allies

When you need help on some topic what is it that you do now-a-days? When you need a quick help on your professional side say for instance some data, facts and figures what is the most likely help you look at?

You naturally go about searching for answers on Google and other search engines. You may also be putting up the question on spaces like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Do you think you will receive an answer? Well yes you most probably will. Who do you think answers you? It is people from your field that share answers. It is people who normally would be your competitor who may end up providing you with an answer. You get help from people whom you may not know at personal level. This is the new [not so new though] era of people really helping. If they are online they are concerned, and express this by helping.

You will have seen someone giving a shout towards something that may be frustrating them, matter of concern. Have you seen people responding? Well sometimes you too may have experienced this. People responding could be your immediate contacts whom you would know and those who you may not know personally as well. So, what would you say for all this? This is feasible due to Social Media access.

What do you think? Did you face such a situation where you asked for help and pronto! you received it?!