Monday, November 1, 2010

Are You Missing Out? - Social Media

Hi! Hope this note of mine finds you in best of spirits! 

Have you used the Social Media landscape for your business? Did you find it useful? Have you used Facebook for your community development? 

Social Media is about engagement and relevant conversations. It is about building a positive rapport and thereby good relationships. It gets into good CRM and one to one direct marketing space. 
Hope you have been benefiting from the Social Media Conversations that you have subscribed to. 

If you are already connected with us on our Facebook Page then please ignore the below - but if you have not joined us then you could be missing something! 

We have an active community at our Facebook Page: . Am looking forward to you participating at our Facebook Page for more fuller experience of Social Media.

On this Page we could enhance our Online Social Media activities so as to generate response and a call to action from the various customer sets that we connect with.

Request you to join in here and actively participate in the various topics and discussion. You could start by introducing yourself in the 'Discussion' Tab.

This space is open for corporates, agencies, brand managers, social media professionals, public relation personnel, for people who would like to market their own name and their own business. It works great for freelancers to market themselves on the online space as well.

I wish each of my reader a very best in life.

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