Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quick SEO Tips For Your Page - Social Media

We know that SEO means Search Engine Optimization. We also now that SEO is important for us to rank higher on search engines. This is a  a process wherein you administer and focus on how you are going to bring your Page higher on chronological search of Google for instance. In this post we will consider on-page SEO techniques. The on-page SEO does not need you to know technology in depth, neither do you need to know the programming language / software script.

Lets go through this quickly:
  • First step is to do a search on the net to check and see what are the various search words utilized to search for brands and products within your category
  • Next is to check which all search words lead to your page [if your page is in existence for over 10months you can hope to find this].
  • On a single site page try to concentrate on very few keywords - please do not use more than three to four.
  • Use the most important keywords in your headlines, subheads, description, meta tags - while doing this take care that you do not use the words repetitively. People who arrive on your page need relevant information hence you will require to be creative to write what they seek.
  • Join forums and other spaces that relate to your work - join people of your field and also join the sites where your customers and clients would dwell. In this way you will be working towards two long term benefits - one you will get credibility and the second part is you will start to leave back-links.
  • Change content and share fresh content. It is very important that you deal with fresh content and have a schedule for this. You are to post fresh content practically two to three times a week. Many a times you may run out of ideas here you may need help.  Content curation if done properly and ethically can be a very positive effort from your end that could reward you in the future.
The above tips could be good to start with. Simple? So go on and make your page go higher on search engines. Have a question? Do join me at my Social Media Network Page on Facebook. Do add your SEO tips as well!

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