Thursday, November 11, 2010

SEO For New Google Instant - Social Media

We know that Google Search has updated its version and has brought to us Google Instant. This shows results as you type. What is your take on this? Do you find this useful?

Google has shared that with the Instant enhancements you will receive faster results, smarter predictions thus leading instant results. It is claimed that with Google Instant you
save 2-5 seconds per search.

With the Google Instant comes the Google Instant Preview. This enables you to preview the page without going onto that page; you get to view an image / screen shot of the page.So you may not need to actually click each link to figure out if that is your destination of search, you can click on the magnifying glass icon and you will be able to view the search page right there. Ofcourse the screen shot is not as yet geared to let you read all details on the page due to the size restriction. However you can view images, and main headers to a large extent; thereby you get to intuitively know if you need to click onto the page.

Having said this, does the Instant enhancement affect the regular SEO work that one would be doing so far? Before we discuss this lets be clear that Google has never shared all of its logic and algorithm of search for the purpose of having a fair and correct result - naturally the moment one knows the working one could have rigged and be on top of search engines. It is still going to be a discovery on how SEO should meander to cater to the new Google Instant lets try to understand the basic SEO that one could look at.
  • Looking at the screen shot preview one can immediately mention that use of flash is a total no-no. Flash from the beginning was never a real favorite of search engines though Google did try a little partnership with Adobe especially for Chrome. Anyway leaving that aside the preview version as of right now does not enable flash - it is a screen shot that you are viewing hence a static image ofcourse. 
  • Next is visual appeal - with a screen shot you need great visual appeal to walk right into the eyes of the visitor. This means that the page requires to look good and easy on the eye. If it has heavy text only then maybe it will be skipped for some other page that has better navigation. The game has shifted a wee bit - it is not only important to be found now it is important to be clicked as well.
  • With preview you need to have better text in header and sub heads - this probably will be the only part of your text that the searcher will be able to read from the screen shot. 
  • And ofcourse the rest of SEO still stands true like Meta Tags etc..
Your turn! what would you share on this list?

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