Thursday, November 18, 2010

What Does Re-Tweet Mean - Social Media

We, all are aware of the micro blogging site called Twitter. Most people on Social Media sites eventually have an account on Twitter. Most turn out to be active Tweeters while others remain passive. Almost 95% of people who initialize their account on Twitter start off with similar comment - confused. Twitter as a site does clearly indicate on how one is to use it, to the extent they have a video as well. However because it is new way of communication a newbie is at a loss in the beginning - till he / she starts and remains at it.

There are a couple of functionality that you could avail of when you have your account on Twitter. The functions are messaging, mentioning and re-tweeting.

What is re-tweet?
In simple terms re-tweet means sharing / to share. The short / abbreviated form of re-tweet is RT. Which means that you enable a message to spread and at the same time you enable your network to gain the message as well. So at one end you become a good influencer while on the other hand you help others to gain knowledge / information and so on.

How to re-tweet?
Hover the cursor over the message that you would want to share. On doing this you will see the re-tweet icon / word. Click this and your messages is re-tweeted! Add to this in case you realize that you wish to undo the re-tweeted message then all you have to do is again hover the cursor over the same re-tweeted message and there you will see undo re tweet. Click on this and your message is withdrawn. 
What does re-tweet mean?
  • When you re-tweet a message you would have really appreciated that message - as the message goes to your people from your end.
  • Re-Tweeting is a way of respecting and to a very large extent openly announcing your approval / appreciation / agreement with regards to that message.
  • It means taking the onus of the message and responding to the conversation that may take place as you re-tweet a message.
Good manners for re-tweets:
  • When you re-tweet be clear that you are re-tweeting someone's message. Be open about this - thankfully now re-tweets cannot be edited. So the template of re-tweets remains the same.
  • When your message gets re-tweeted you need to thank the person. Remember the person has taken onus and is carrying your baggage, and spreading your message. This gesture requires a thanks and acknowledgment that you appreciate this gesture. 
Your turn - what do you think of re-tweets?

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