Sunday, November 21, 2010

Neglecting Your Page Is Equivalent To Neglecting Your Brand - Social Media

If you build a Page on the net remember you need to have fresh content on a consistent basis. This goes for any Page, be it a Blog, Facebook Fan / Business Page, Twitter and other Social Media sites.

Many a times when you browse the various sites - especially the Facebook Pages - lots of Pages give a feel that there is no admin looking after it. It looks deserted with no caretaker. When you run through these neglected spaces you will observe that the last post dates back to a couple of months, add to this the unfortunate scene of spam is taking place. Spammers would be looking at these Pages like a open ground. There are all kinds of posts; all non related to the topic of the Page.

By building a Page brand managers should not think that they are doing work on Social Media and that a part of their marketing strategy has unfolded itself into the most talked marketing tactic - being present on Social sites.

Infact you probably would be undoing the good that would be done by other mediums and what other customer touch points would be doing for your brand. Neglecting your Page is equivalent to neglecting your brand, you are giving clear indication that your brand is not being cared of and is not being nurtured.

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