Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Difference Between A Casual Usage And The Professional Usage On Social Media

Community Management on Social Media sites like Facebook is not just about having a Fan / Business Page set up. A Social Media professional cannot use their Facebook Page the way a casual user consumes Facebook.

There is a definite difference in the way [reason] a casual user consumes Facebook as against the Social Media professional. The obvious difference is that a casual user logs into Facebook to know what his / her network is doing 'what's up!?'. The casual user is more into 'checking out' on latest happenings with their connections. Will be passing on /sharing of photos, videos. They will be commenting on posts and liking other people's comments and posts, photos and videos and so on.

What is the different thing that the
Social Media professional would be doing? On the face of it we would say the same things. Well both seem to be doing similar things, reason being that the site provides certain functionality and both use it to the optimal benefit.

The difference is in the motive, the difference is in the objective the difference is in the reason to be there.

The professional utilizes the site's functions a little more optimally than the casual user. The casual user is not too much into RnD on the site. While the professional will check for developments and try to find out new things so that they can connect better with their community members. For instance take a look at the tabs - our casual friend will not be so concerned while our professional will be checking on ways to enhance their Page.

The conversations are flowed towards the Page's thoughts and philosophy by our Professional while the casual user will start and intersect on any conversation. Even sharing of photos and videos are planned by the Professional.

Social Media professional has a marketing objective. Understands customer relationships and manages them. Listens into the talks and makes them into engaging conversations. They portray the brand personality and try to live up-to the brand print / philosophy. They understand the principles of direct marketing and at the same time they know that they do not need to do hard sales and shout their sales messages as a one way communication.

Just because there is an active user on Social Media sites does not make him / her a Professional. 

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