Friday, December 17, 2010

Facebook Has Just Launched New Fan / Business Page Design - Social Media

Facebook has just launched new Fan / Business Page design. If you are the Page Admin on Facebook then refresh your Page to see the new layout. Ofcourse it is rolling out so no saying if this is going to remain. These are the early glimpses of the changes so lets see what they finalize.

  • One of the best things they have done is giving out notification of comments, likes and so on. This was much needed. If this is the case then Three Cheers to Facebook.
  • The tabs that were on top have now shifted to the right side of the Page which means to your left side.
  • There is an amazing question and answer section introduced by Facebook.
  • The landing tab seems to be set by Facebook and for the moment we admins cannot make the change; this means we cannot select which landing tab we want. It is a default setting.

Things are a little slow since they are rolling out across the various Pages.

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