Tuesday, February 8, 2011

QR Code In Social Media

Hello, by now you will have heard the new terminology doing its rounds - called QR Code. To put it simply QR Code enables your customers and clients to 'read' / 'link' to your online Page / Site.

Allow me to explain: For instance if you have a blog / site you can have a QR Code. This code which is an image as a matter of speaking can be printed, can be embedded onto another site and so on. When your customer / client scans this from their smartphone they can be provided information and are swiftly linked to your Page / Site / blog and any other online address that has its own url. Basically your url is the clue here. This is 'read' and automatically the site gets connected. So in other words a long url need not be typed out, instead the QR Code gets scanned and the online site gets linked and can be surfed.

You may ask why should we go through the whole process - the answer is simple. For instance one of the reasons being: in the online world you would use url shortener like the Google url shortener called goo.gl you would not go about placing a very long url everywhere. Similarly when you need to share your url in the real world and when you want people to [almost] automatically connect with your site and blog / page and other online destinations the easy way is to give them the QR Code and lo! people are connected.

What do you think of this? Interesting?

So what is the full form of QR Code:
  • It stands for Quick Response Code.

Where can the QR Codes be used:
  • Since it is similar to bar code you can use it to give off discounts, tickets, etc. Just the way we have MCoupons this can substitute the same
  • Customer service is another way in which this can be used
  • and so on
What is required to implement the QR Code:
  • You need to determine which Page / Blog /Site you want people to get directed towards
  • Next is you need to create the QR Code - this is done online there are free sites that enable this
  • Share the link / code to your print medium / online medium from where you want people to come
  • Your target audience requires smartphone with the application - this can be freely downloaded, one time download is only required
  • and you can roll!
Your turn - is this easy? Will you go in for this marketing channel.

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