Monday, May 30, 2011

What Are Facebook Credits - Social Media

Have you wondered what are Facebook Credits? Facebook Credits are virtual currency that you can use to buy applications, games and so on. The purchases are done only on Facebook via logging in to your Personal Profile.

You can own these credits by purchasing them. This purchase can be made via your PayPal or credit cards. In short your Facebook Credits can be purchased via real currency which is transferred online.  

If at all you wish to know what how much Facebook Credit you have or what is the balance then go to your 'Payments' Tab via your Account Settings. You can buy your Facebook Credits from this same tab of

Facebook Credits were first introduced in alpha stage during May 2009. Post this in February 2010 the beta stage was brought in which lasted till January 2011.
The Facebook Credits have grown in size and popularity. In March 2011 a subsidiary was created to handle payments due to its large size. The subsidiary is called Facebook Payments Inc. Currently there are approximately 150 developers who encourage use of Facebook Credits in more that 650 Facebook games and applications. This represents approximately 70% of virtual goods purchase on Facebook.

Do you use Facebook Credits? Share your experience here.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Should You Buy Facebook Fans? - Social Media

We hear one or all of the below:
  • Buy Facebook Fans
  • Want Facebook Fans
  • Link Exchanges
  • I Fan You And You Fan Me
Do you think that outright purchasing Fans solves your marketing concern? Who perhaps could be looking at this?

Lets look at a different scenario: Imagine there is a retail outlet in the brick and mortar world. The retailer buys some 10000 people to just come to the retail outlet. Why does this not take place in the brick and mortar world as a main operative thought? You may think that the shop capacity vis a vis the number of persons does not make sense. So, lets bring down the number of persons and increase shop capacity [remember we are in our imaginative world of brain storming]. Will this process still hold good? People don't buy such thinking. Why are they then looking at this in the online world?
Having said this, there would be a few who will deliver to you the quantity of Fans as per what they promise while commencing with your Page. If they say they will get you an x number within a time frame they will deliver. For this they will do proper marketing like: advertising, direct marketing and public relations. They do not have a pandora box from which your Fans will tumble out.

Usually Social Media professions don't promise initially. Between 3 t 6 months you can guesstimate on what will be your Fan quantity. Don't be in a hurry. Organic growth is the best. You will be able to retain people. Remember you want real humans, who are really looking at your category and who want to really connect with your Brand / Business House.

Did you know?:
  • Technology enables bot system which can create Page Likes without human contact
  • Why not check in the first place if they have a Fan Page?
  • If they are making claims of getting you 10,000 Fans then check how many Fans they have on their Fan Page - why not check that?
Lastly: If someone Fans your Page, you are not under any obligation to Fan their Page.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

How To Decide The Frequency Of Your Posts On Social Media

Have you wondered as to how many times should you Post / Share / Comment on Social Media? Too much is not good and too less is worse. Your frequency + content are factors that determine if your audience will stick with your Brand / Business Page.

There are various factors that determine the frequency of your Posts:
  • Category: This is the crucial factor. For instance if you are in the news category then naturally you need to be very frequent - people would like to have information as it unfolds in the world. If you are in the beverage or any other FMCG then people would like to have information about what you are associated with as well. For instance if you have a beverage that is positioned on freshness then people will like to know more about freshness and so on. Having said this your target audience does not consciously look for the attributes it is for you to develop the same.
  • Customer Mindset: Your frequency is directly proportional to your target audience's thirst and capacity to consume information via online Social Media Sites. For instance if you have a beverage which is for senior citizen's particular pain relief unlike what is shared in the above point you may want to slow down a little bit with your frequency.
  • Brand Personality: Your frequency also depends on what personality you want to portray. If you have a personality that is on snobbery then it is best to be a little less frequent.
  • Seasonality: If you have an offer or sales going on then your frequency will vary from what is shared above.
  • Out of sight is out of mind. This is very true in case of the online world. Less according to you may not really be less. The reason being is that your Post is just one of the many that your target audience's Page Feed is receiving. Your post may never be noticed.
  • Predictability is good; but bad without excitement. It is good if you decide that you will post just thrice a week and then stick to it. However you will need to drop in an interesting Post at times to break the monotonous method. Too much monotonous methods can lead to lack of interest.
  • Auto Posts: Reduce the frequency of auto posts. Auto Posts create distance. 
  • While you may think you are posting often your target audiences Feeds do not state the same. Careful: if your target audience does not have too many Pages that they may have joined then your Posts need to reduce.
  • Theme: If you have promised that every day you will share a breakfast news then no matter what stick to this. In crucial situation announce before hand that they should not expect the Post.
The Frequency is very important. It creates affinity. It makes your audience 'look forward' to your posts. Set the pace right. It is critical that you analyze when your audience interacts.

Your turn. What is your frequency to Post? Share your learning here.
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Monday, May 16, 2011

How Does Panda Affect You? - Social Media

You will have heard about Panda by now. After Google Instant we have Panda walking in. It is the latest algorithm brought by Google Inc., early this year. It essentially is a fight against the much infamous content farms, copy paste work and link exchanges. Your Blog and Website could get affected by this.

Check on your Page Rank. Have you slipped recently? This could be because of Panda. Panda is popularly known as Farmer. It farms the good sites and brings them upfront on the search.

Google is usually silent about its algorithms. They do not want people to manipulate and exploit the knowledge. This is a positive; when people do not know completely on how to bring their sites up high on the search by malpractice. Even then black hat SEO does take place. 

How will Panda affect you?:
  • You will receive much more relevant search results which will enable you to reach to the required information much more faster.
  • Panda seems to be appreciative of comments and conversations hence your Social Media Sites work out to be a big positive for you.
  • If you use SEO strategy then Panda will start to get fond of you. Do not go in for black hat SEO. Panda will figure this out.
  • Avoid link farms and packages. At some point you may get tempted but resist this as bad fruit. When you avoid such tactics Panda will be nice to you. 
  • Google emphasizes that user experience will get better with Panda. 
  • If there is low quality content then delete it and move it out immediately. You may think it is small quantity of content. However a little can also bring your site down on search.
  • Avoid densely populating the content with keywords and links. However an appropriate usage of links and keywords will work to your advantage.
What is your experience with Panda? Did Social Media engagement and conversations manage to bring you up on search?

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Your Auto Posts On Facebook May Not Be Read - Social Media

Facebook has been transparent about its algorithms. They are called EdgeRank. It is this algorithm that decides on which post should appear on your Personal Profile Feeds in Facebook. Recently you may have noticed that posts coming from similar third party auto posting sites are getting clubbed together.

This will result in your Fans not clicking each time to check out what all is clubbed together.

The reasons why they sooner or later could stop clicking the clubbed auto posts all-together:
  • The quantity of Posts clubbed together is high sometimes as much as 51 Posts are clubbed together for example
  • Once the pandora box of clubbed Posts is opened the recent Feeds seem to be pushed down
  • When the clubbed Feeds are allowed to tumble out many a times you will notice Posts which are hours old show up throwing the recent Posts down
In short till this situation is not taken care of by Facebook you will need to post manually.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How To Use Facebook Page To Engage Your Customers - Social Media

Facebook has become one of the major Social Networking Sites. Infact as a matter of speaking, and in comparison, it is called as one of the largest nations coming into force - or shall we say is already into force with the political revolution that it enables? Ofcourse Facebook is an electronic site which goes to say that it the people who cause the revolution.

With over 500 million persons on Facebook you are bound to find your target audience on Facebook at-least 99% of the time [leaving out countries that don't allow Social Sites or for the persons who are not into Social Networking on Facebook]. The simple logic of any Brand or Business is that - be where your target audience is. Any Brand would like to have multiple touch points with their Customers. Any Brand would like to make the best use of the various touch points. So, naturally Facebook becomes ideal online and Social space for Brand and Business houses to be in. This is the space where you can befriend your Customers and gently lead them to your objectives.

We all talk about engaging our audience. We understand that engagement will gently lead them to be loyal to us. Thus, in due course of time they would be our best ambassadors.

In this post I shall try to share on how you can engage with your audience on Facebook.

Amongst the many features that you will find on your Facebook Page the main features which can enable engagement are:
  • Share: There is no harm in requesting your Community on Facebook to share. Ask them upfront to share! When they get to share and talk with their network it gets better for you. Firstly your Page matter is going viral. Secondly your Community gets more engaged as they get their network appreciating the content and thereby a reinforcement takes place towards your Page; in other words towards your Brand / Business.
  • Links: Engage them with interesting content. Share the links of content that is relevant and meaningful to them.
  • Photos and videos: This is the universal truth: Pictures not only say a thousand words but they act as eye stoppers as well. On your Community Member's feed they show up as thumbnail. Thumbnails work as wonderful eye stoppers.
  • Create question answer: This is an amazing poll system that Facebook has put up. Here you can actually get votes to a survey, you can generally ask a question and so on. The good part is that it reflects easily in the Feed of your Community Member's Home Page
  • Interesting status updates to draw conversation: Your status updates need to generate a conversation. You can either post an opinion whereby your Community automatically answers, or you can ask for an opinion. You need to get a discussion going.
Make the best use of the Page that Facebook has created.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Types Of Your Audience Personalities - Social Media

When you handle a Social Media Page for your Brand or Business you need to keep in mind the type of audience that you have. Everyone is not of the same and similar mindset even though they would be connected via a single Page with your Brand or Business. There would be difference in their mindset, in the way they consume your information, in their lifestyle and so on. There are a couple of ways to understanding as to who is your target audience and how should you be re-acting to them. 

Parameter One:
Essentially the first line of identification ofcourse would be based on your own product / service category. This would determine as who would be joining your Social Page. The first line of understanding your target audience would be on the lines of knowing who would essentially join you. You would have your Brand Personality drawn out and hence you would also have sketched out on who is your target audience. For more information: Your Social Media Output Should Be An Extension Of Brand Personality

Parameter Two:
After they join your Brand / Business Page: There are ways in which you can definitely cluster your community. If you have a purchase record and if your back end data collection is robust then you will be able to know as to who are your active, passive and lapsed customer sets. More of this information you will find here: Segregating Your Community Members - Social Media Do read this so as to understand how you can segregate your database on your Social Media Brand / Busniess page.

Parameter Three:
The next step is to identify your target audience. There are universal truths about human behavior. This would be true for the online world as well.
The types of personality that you will encounter could also be clustered based on the responses that you would receive on your Brand / Business Social Page. Lets see the type or persons that you would encounter on your Social Media Page:
  • Joining All Recommendations or The Obligating Types: These are the obliging types. A friend may have recommended your Page and they would have promptly joined it. Not all of them would be off your target mark as the friend would have thought while recommending that your Page would be relevant to the person.
  • Silent Type or The Dead Group: They have joined your Page. However they will never [almost never] seem to respond, interact and join in any conversation. They leave you in the riddle to guess if they have hidden your feeds in their home page for instance on Facebook. 
  • Cut Short: They respond with 'yes' and 'no'. There is no further story to what they say.
  • Obsessive Spammer: Ah these have joined your page with a single purpose. They will copy paste their link on your posts, comments and wall.
  • Devil's Advocate: These have amazing thought process. They will have the other point of view to practically all that you mention.They can make you irritated. Many a times they are healthy as well, as they show you the other side as well. It would be interesting to have engagement with them if they are not unnecessary posting just to draw attention towards themselves.
  • Aggressive: These get angry at a drop of the hat. If ego is hurt then they go aggressive. It is unintentional, however it is in the nature of the person.
  • Interrupter: They seem to step into a healthy discussion and seem to suddenly appear without being a part of the entire talk from the beginning. They feel that they have every reason to get into any conversation. It could be just a 'like' at times on Facebook. They feel compelled to share their information.
  • Active Responder or The Right Ones: This is the one to cherish a little more. They are more the relevant types for you.
  • The Anonymous: This person is someone who has a fictitious name, a fictitious identity and many a times no image. This person is close to the 'Obsessive Spammer' at times and sometimes is the 'Interrupter' type.
Definitely the above personalities are not always exclusive. There would be an over-lap as well which you need to sharply recognize.

A point to be kept in mind is that not all engagement lead to conversion and business. So within those who are great participants we need to further check on their purchase recency, frequency and monetary value. However the active ones are to be respected and taken seriously. They are the reason why we could be in news and come up good on search engine rankings. They are precious to us on our pages. They probably will convert as we would be in their consideration set in their mind.

And, ofcourse we have the RFM [recency, frequency, monetary] cluster / segments who necessarily are important and crucial to us.

What do you think? What is your experience?

Interesting read:
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Monday, May 2, 2011

How To Protect Your Social Media Work

As a Social Media person you would be putting in long hours of research, time, energy and deep understanding on what you may post / write on Blogs and other Social Media Sites. Your work could be by way of content curation or by way of out of the box thinking. Whatever format and route you may apply, it would be original and authentic when you pen it down. While you go about doing your work on a daily basis there are people who would like to copy paste what you do and simply put it up on their Blog / Website. What happens here is that sooner or later traffic would start to go there as well. Am sure you will have heard of such cases.

What exactly is copying:
The online content theft is popularly known as
plagiarism. In simple terms plagiarism is copying either directly or coming close to another author's language, thoughts, ideas or expression - and representing them as one's own. In other words an obvious theft.

In order to protect your work there are a couple of things that you could do:
  • License: You can upfront put up a mention that the material cannot be used in any way by anyone. You can link your site with Creativecommons which will give you a banner that mentions that the material is protected. From this site you get a license that secures your work. Creativecommons is not a law firm so they will not enforce any law. However when you have their license of ownership protection, you can question the other party.
  • Monitor: You can have your matter regularly checked. There are a couple of sites which enable you to check if your work is taken / picked and produced as some other person's work. The most popular one is Copyscape. The others are Plagium, Copygator and so on. You will receive an automated notification when your matter is reproduced elsewhere.
The tools that can help you to monitor and keep a check are:
  • Google Alerts
  • Plagium
  • Copygator
  • Feed Burner
  • Digital FigerPrint
  • Tineye
If you do want to be open to sharing:
There are sites like Fairshare which enable you to post your material and get paid for this if someone picks it up. Their modus operandi is: The more people that use your articles, the more views these used articles get the more you get paid.

Your turn: How do you protect your online matter?

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

What Does 'Questions' Mean On Facebook For Social Media Professionals?

You will have seen and used the 'Question' feature on Facebook. This feature is available to Pages and Personal Profiles as well.

Facebook 'Question' is a very useful tool for Page Administrators. It enables your Brand and Business to get your Community Members engaging with you.

Have you ever wondered what would be the reach of the 'Question' when used?

Lets just understand a situation:

When you post via the Facebook 'Question' your
'Question' will appear in the News Feed of your Community Members. If your Community Member interacts / answers then it will create a story on their Profile Page. once this takes place the same story will reflect onto their Network and get featured in their Network's feeds. If someone from this Network interacts with your 'Question' then again it will reflect at the third level Network.

Interaction on
'Question' means either participation in the 'poll' or selection of 'follow' the 'Question'

What this means is that
'Question' is a very lethal tool. It can go viral very easily.

Though, at this point in time search engines cannot index the

Use the 'Question' to your advantage!

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