Thursday, June 30, 2011

Get Your Community To Talk - Social Media

While you work heavily on your Social Media Pages it is imperative that your efforts pay off. One of your objectives would be to have your Community Members talking about your Brand / Business. When people start to talk about your service / product is works very beneficial for you. At one level you have a viral spread taking place and at another level you have your Members acting as ambassadors for your Brand / Business.

There are various ways in which you could enable your Community Members to get talking about your Brand / Business:
  • Get them involved: If you could enable user generated thinking pool for your product / service then you will not only know where you stand but also get to know what is expected. Sometimes just a little add-on can make your offering get more preference from your Customers. A collaborated output has far more better acceptance and trial.
  • Create a 'want': Get your Community Members to apply / opt in for your trial. This will create a 'look-forward' feel. When they are eligible and get an opportunity to use / try your product / service - this will create more buzz and talk. A feeling of being the 'privileged' person gets people to feel that they 'belong' and this will in turn benefit you as well.
  • Happy people create more happiness: When your happy Customers spread the good word and their positive experience it enables more people 'willing' to join you rather than what your sales pitch would have created.
So go on and create the buzz. Social Media is an amazing platform.
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Creating A 'Like-able' Environment - Social Media

Many a times you may have wondered on what would create a more favorable environment for your Social Media presence. What should you do and not do. After your audience joins your Social Media Page what are the parameters that you need to take care of. Here are a couple of parameters that perhaps may come handy:
  • Asking questions: Social Media Sites like Facebook for instance enables you to have a quick survey. This way you can understand what your Community Members are seeking, what they like, what puts them off and so on. You can use questions as a great space to understand the various facets of your product / service / Social Media Page and so on.
  • Listen: While you do ask questions you will require to read between lines as well. There could be brief conversations going on on your Social Media Page. Listen to these. Create alerts for your Brand / Business and check on what people are talking. Listen in to what is said about your competitors as well. Listening to what people write for searching can also be a great way to know what Keywords are to be used.
  • Behind the scenes: People like to know the trivia. There is no harm in sharing on what is taking place at your corporate office / branch office. People like to know what other people are doing. Sharing is not bad. Share by way of text, video, audio, photos and so on.
  • Do not sell: Please stop bombarding sales messages. Social Media is a very different work, it is not sales broadcast platform.
  • Surprise and delight: This is definitely one of the best method. It works on ground, it works in direct marketing and it works on most marketing platforms like Social Media as well.
  • Give value: While surprise and delight is a great way another amazing method is value addition. Try to see how you can go that extra mile to satisfy your Member, how can you provide matter that others cannot / do not.
  • Honesty and transparency: Any Business requires transparency along with honesty. This goes without saying.
You can read the below nine pointers that will enable you to understand in depth the various ways in which you would want to handle your Social Media Audience:
Having said this the last mile is critical: Your product / service should deliver what its promises.

Your turn - what would you look at?

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Community Testimonials Via Social Media

Social Media enables you to have a captured audience. This is your Community. This Community is to be nurtured and retained over a period of time. You do need to dedicated a percentage of your daily time to your Social Media Community Members. You need to slice your Data and see how is the community progressing. Segregating your Community Members: and measuring your Customer In Social Media: is the key essence. It is essential that you know who your Members are. You do need to decipher what they are seeking and why they have joined your Social Media Page. Once you understand your Members you will be able to segregate them and understand who are your active Members. A note on how to measure your Social Media efforts:

While you do this you need to check at your back-end on which Community Members are your good Customers. These good Customers are to be nurtured so that they in turn become your Brand ambassadors. They can give a testimonial and make others aware on the positive experience about your Brand / Business. Having a testimonial from your existing Customer is a very valuable asset that you can have.

There are two ways in which you could receive the testimonials:
  • You could request these Customers, who are your Community Members as well, to share their experience with your Brand / Business
  • The second way is the unsolicited method - which is better - is that they on their own put in a good word on your Page
Either ways remember to thank them. It is entirely your Business decision to decide on which of the two routes you may prefer from the above points. After all Community Management on Social Media sites like Facebook is not just about having a Fan / Business Page set up: If your Customer is happy they will volunteer and share their experience. It is best if you have a collection of unsolicited testimonials.
Unsolicited testimonials are a great way of showcasing your good service and product. It is more genuine and is more believable. It enables you to enhance the positive perception towards your Brand / Business.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Is Google Wallet - Social Media

Google will soon be rolling out Google Wallet. This is a payment system that will enable you to just flash your cell phone at the payment counter. Your payment system has shifted from paper notes to plastic credit card. Now as Google launches this you would start to see yourself and people around you paying via cell phones. Essentially this will be an android application. While Google Checkout is the online payment system provided by Google, the Google Wallet is the mobile / cell phone enabled payment system.

How will Google Wallet work?:
  • The application enables your phone to store the virtual versions of your existing plastic cards onto your cell phone
  • When you will tap your cell phone your payment information goes out
  • At some stores it will enable loyalty information as well [this is if the store has a set-up for loyalty programme of Google Offers]
In Short:
  • Google Wallet makes your credit cards fit into your cell phone
  • Makes your phone into a wallet
So, are you all set to use it?
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Friday, June 10, 2011

What Are Facebook Deals - Social Media

Facebook recently launched Facebook Deals. The basic principles and modus operandi is the same as what Groupon is.

Facebook Deals comprises of the below factors:
  • Group buying
    • The more people buy, the more discounts will take place
Facebook Deals got introduced during the month of April 2011. The programme is still in its pilot stage. It offers online coupons to customers who can avail of discounts from their local stores. This pilot is introduced in limited cities: Atlanta, Dallas, San Diego, Austina and San Francisco. Facebook's intention is to roll across other cities and countries soon.

Has it rolled into your locale? Share your experience with Facebook Deals.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Social Media is Mass Comm., DM And PR

Social Media is to be seen as an extension of marketing and branding exercise. Social Media should not be a domain which works on its own in a silo and isolation. It requires the same effort, strategy and brain storming that any other channel would require. Thinking of Social Media at the end when all else is decided could be a slightly wrong approach in today's environment.

Social Media should be a part of your overall strategy. The Brand Personality that you may create for your service or product is to be extended via your Social Media endeavors as well.
Many a times we will notice that Social Media is a live test of the brand personality. Ofcourse the modus operandi would be different. However our target audience would be part of the overall target audience itself. Social Media Sites are one of the touch points for your Customer set. They would be experiencing your Brand at various levels like at the sales counter, TV, hoarding, online advertising and so on.

Social Media has an amazing mix of direct marketing, mass communication and public relations. You can choose to broadcast your message, or connect with your individual target on a one-on-one basis. Or you can use the Social Media platform to manage crisis, and work around as a public relation tool. You have an option to make the best use of Social Media platform. It essentially depends on what your marketing requirement is. You need to analyze your marketing situation and then decide what role would Social Media play. Once you decide on this then you can decide on how the role will enable you to achieve your marketing objectives.

How has your corporate looked at Social Media. Is Social Media top of the mind?

Interesting read:

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