Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blogging Is Extention Of Your Brand And Business - Social Media

Blogging is a critical part of Social Media. Blogging enables you to establish and position yourself / your Brand / your Business. Your Blog represents you and your Brand. Neglecting this aspect of your Social Media could be a little dangerous.

Here are few of the parameters that you may want to keep in mind:
  • Keep your content new and fresh.
  • Keep writing. The more you write the better you get. You improve in your writing skills and you get more traffic as well.
  • Use of Keywords is crucial.
  • Do respond and encourage interactions. It is critical.
  • Be consistent. Do not neglect your Blogging Posts dates.
  • Frame out what your Blogging will represent and stand for.
These are few of Blogging parameters. What are yours - do share here.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

What Affects The Search Engines - Social Media

In the online world, Search Engines are critical. Knowledge of Search Engines form an important part of Social Media professional's  day to day activity. It is critical that you understand what a Search Engine is looking for and how best you can make use of the opportunity. While you do understand the important criteria of the Search Engine you need to keep in mind that the algorithms are updated and changed constantly. Hence what may be true today may not be so correct to use in the near future, or may not be so important in the near future. A classic example of this was Panda which was brought in by Google. Panda was claimed to be a more sophisticated and intelligent way to diagnosing what is a healthy Site / Blog / Social Profile Page / Link and what is just spam.

Search Engines are programmes, they are scripts, they are not human. Keeping this in mind here are a few pointers for you to get a brief understanding on what affects the Search Engine and how your Content could affect your ranking on the Search Engines.
  • Though algorithms change there is no doubt that the quality and health of your Site / Blog is crucial. When we refer to health we are talking about the Content and the Frequency of Posts.
  • If there are more people visiting your Site / Blog the the algorithms understand that this would be a healthy Site.
  • If there are more people sharing to your Posts then this is a clear indication that the Posts are good.
  • If there are people linking to your Site / Blog then again the Search Engine understands this as a positive sign.
  • You will need to fix your KeyWord selection. It is essential that you start to identify a limited number of words as KeyWords.
  • Search Engines also look at MetaTags. This is Off - Page SEO. Your MetaTag of Headlines, Descriptions, Labels etc are critical factors. They direct and entertain the Search Engine Crawlers.
  • The images that you may upload are another crucial factor for Search Engine Indexing. The names of the Images should be based upon KeyWords that you would have selected.
These are some of the pointers that could help you in understanding what does a Search Engine look for normally.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

What Social Media Is Not

We know Social Media is all about Conversation. If Conversations are taken care of properly and given good direction then over a period of time they become great Engagement avenues for your Customers with your Brand / Business. 

Here in this Post I will talk about what Social Media is not. Below is a quick list of what Social Media is not as far as Business and Branding goes:
  • Social Media is not a broadcast platform for sales. With great conversations and engagement you will be able to develop loyalty and Customer connect. This will eventually lead to sales. Having said this, Social Media is not about creating amazing sales messages and bombarding your Target Audience / Community Members with it. People go to Facebook to communicate and interact. This interaction can be on friendly basis amongst friends, family or peers. It can also be to gather and share information. Hence they may want to know what is taking place, what is the latest and so on. They will not mind consuming information. What they will mind is getting tedious sales messages. People understand. They are not naive. It takes very little to 'un-friend' your Brand and Business. It takes less than 4seconds.
  • Social Media is not really about yourself. Though people want to know what others do, they do not want inane status messages. It is ok to share a little company experience [as your Brand and Business Personality may suite]. However it is not so right to mention how tired you are.
  • As the Page Administrator you need not jump into each and every Conversations that take place. However you will need to have a method to listing into each and every Conversations that take place. This means that when a Conversation is active you need to weigh if you can share anything of value or anything that enhances and or builds relationships. If what you will type, does not match any of these criteria then you need to really re-consider if you should step into the Conversation.
  • While there is strength in numbers Social Media is definitely not a race to get more people to your Page. You need to have people who are your true Target Audiences. You need to have them join you not by pushing them but with their own free will. A chronological growth though slow will be more healthy and sturdy than a quick over-nite growth of Fans / Followers.
  • Social Media is not about being a robot. In an endeavor to be professional please do not sound like a robot - a copy paste of same message to various people will not hold good - 'sorry we will get back to you' for instance.
  • Abandoned Pages are huge fields for spammers. When you as an Administrator will not be present on your Page there will be spammers ever ready and willing to post their links. Ignoring your Page is equivalent to ignoring your Brand / Business.
  • Maintain good ethical and respectful relationship. Do not behave highhandedly with your Community People. If you have mentioned that you will revert then you need to revert as soon as feasible.
  • You do need to be consistent on your Page. If you come and say a hello once in a week it may be too weak for your Relationship. The right balance of Content and Frequency along with proper Ethics creates a lasting bond.
  • Treat your Social Media as a commitment and not as a one off ad-hoc job that is to be completed. If Social Media is a one off case then better you do not do this.
There are lots of other myths that you may want to burst - share them here!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Tips On Keyword Selection - Social Media

Understanding Keywords is an essential criteria when you work in the online territory. It is the Keywords that will eventually get your right target to you in the online world. Keyword understanding, finding and usage is one of the most important tool that you have. The knowledge of Keyword is your mighty sword / pen. Keyword finding / research is not a one-time effort. You need to be continuous in your research.

It is the Keywords research findings that tell you where your market and category is going. Keywords are what people type onto search engines when they are looking out for a particular matter online. Hence to know the pulse of your Target Audience you are to be well tuned into Keyword research. This is a simple but great way to know where your Business / Brand is as compared to your category / market. Based on your finding you will be able to work on your On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

Your Keyword finding will enable you to estimate on what is your Target Audience seeking. Every search phrase is recorded by various Search Engines and you can retrieve this information in a simple manner. Identification and the final selection of Keywords depends on the value of the Keywords:
  • The Keyword that ranks well when you research needs to be validated.
    • Ask the question if this is right for your Brand / Business: The Keywords need to be in-sync with your Brand Personality. It should be able to identify with your Brand and enhance it.
    • You need to check if the Keyword is relevant to the content that you have on your Site / Blog / Social Media.
  • What perhaps you could do is physically go on search engine and type out the Keywords.
    • Check on the number of paid ads that get thrown up alongside. This enables a little in indicating the strength of your Keywords.
These are couple of tips. Your turn share your tips here.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Precaution While Working On Link Building - Social Media

An important part of working on Social Media is to understand about Links and Link Building. Links are like little veins or tracks that guide the Search Engines crawlers [programs / scripts / algorithms] to go and check out the Site / Blog /Social Profile. Search Engines have built their algorithms in such a way that if you start to spam and paste your Link across without a relevant reason then your Site / Blog can be flagged and quarantined. Sometimes banned as well.

For this purpose it is essential to know as to what criteria should you look out for while working on Link building:
  • It is essential to know the health and quality of the sites where you Post your Links.
    • If the site where you Post your Links does not have a good traffic then it does not hold good for you.
    • If the site where you Post your Links is not having proper content which is useful to readers and if it is not alive [frequent posting] then again this is not going to hold good for you.
    • If the site where you Post your Links is not having content that is relevant to your readers then again the reader coming onto the site will not click your link as your link is not relevant to them.
  • Post your links onto forums. Careful when you do this. If you go all out it will end up being rated by other members of the forum as spam. Unnecessary posting will not hold good.
  • Post your links on Sites / Blogs and Forums which have good ranking.
  • Directory submission is another good way to have Links back to your Site / Blog / Social Media Page.
  • If at all you have Business Partners then it is a good idea that you share with them Badges which have inbuilt Link to you.
  • If you can create content that have the strength to get spread out in a viral way then there too is great chance for you.
Link building is a slow process. It is to be done strategically and let it grow organically. My Business Page is on Facebook at:  http://www.facebook.com/pervarakapadia Do join me.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Facebook Posts Ethics - Social Media

Social Media is one of the great spaces where a Brand / Business can communicate with their Customer Set. If handled well you will find good and loyal people attached to your Social Media Page over a period of time.

Many a times one could get carried away when one is working on Social Media. Spaces like Facebook do hold a great reason to be carried away. While on Facebook Page Management you need to keep a couple of ethical behavior in mind:
  • Strange and over friendly messages do not hold good on a Business / Brand Page. While you do need to be friendly and relate to your Community Members it is essential that you maintain professionalism. It is preferred that you do not cross this line.
  • Usage of too much of short form and lingo will not hold good. Your Brand Personality may be catering to the youth or the teens crowd still slang will not hold good. 
  • You need not hop into all Conversations that your Community People may hold with each other on your Page. Many a times you may see that people do tend to converse with each other if they are observing each other on your Page for a long time. Allow this conversation to take place if it is within the preview of your Page Philosophy. If it is outside your Page criteria then you can gently send out a message.
  • Remember to revert and post back the required information as quickly as feasible. This is very critical in Social Media. People may not expect it in real time every time however the earlier you are the better.
  • Have the ratio of auto Post much lesser than manual Posts. Facebook algorithms do not encourage third party auto feeds. Add to this a manually posted information is always more interacted.
  • Do not copy paste some other Posts and messages. This is plagiarism. You may loose credibility over a short span of time. 
  • Show that you are human and not a robot. Empathy is important. While maintaining professionalism do not end up being robotic.
These are some of the ethics. There are couple more. Do share your points.

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