Friday, September 30, 2011

Appropriate Networking Scenario - Social Media

Social Media amongst other things is about proper Networking. The world of online Networking has people broadcasting messages. The messages at one level need to be broadcasted in such a way that they enable positive and healthy relationships to be formed.

In order to have an appropriate Networking scenario there are a couple of pointers that you may want to keep in mind:
  • We all hear content is the key. This stands true. You need to plan and write each Post. Your text needs to be insync with the Brand Personality.
  • The frequency of your messages should be well planned. You will be perceived with your frequency along with the content. Together they make the complete Post. If your Post too often you will become a nuisance and if you Post rarely you will be forgotten.
  • Your Community Members have joined your Page with a particular reason and expectation. You need to understand this and ask them if need be on what are their expectations.
  • Do not be highhanded. If there are comments then make it a point to understand the reason behind them. Be active and not anti-social.
What are your quick pointers?

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Description And Page Title Meta Tags - Social Media

You will have heard and worked on Meta Tags as the SEO personnel and as a Social Media person. You know Meta Tags are important so that your Page / Site / Blog get found easily by Search Engines and you have a better ranking. Once you have a good rank on the Search Pages then there are higher chances of you drawing good traffic. Have you wondered which of the Meta Tags are really more important?

The Description Meta Tag works in a unique way. When your Page / Site Blog gets thrown up on Search Engine findings it is the Description Meta Tag that gets shown as snippet. If written well then it is this that brings you click through. So if your Description Meta Tag is compelling enough then be sure that your click through rate via the Search Engines is a certainty.

The other important Meta Tag is the Page Title. This directly is seen on your Search Engines in bold. It is the result of search words used by your target audience.

Both, Description and Title Meta Tags together form the text that you read on Search Pages. If written well they will induce and encourage readers / searchers to click.

Your description cannot be longer than 160 characters in case of for instance. After 160 characters your text will be truncated.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quick SEO Tips - Social Media

SEO is becoming more and more complex as many people demand that their online presence have the SEO inoculation. SEO is to be done to your each and every online presence, however it need not become a night mare.

Here are quick tips to enable your SEO endeavor:
  • Use your KeyWords sparingly but definitely consistently. Use the right Keywords in your content, headline, sub-head, URL and links as well.
  • Do not over stuff with KeyWords. Search Engines recognize this and flag such Sites / Blogs / Pages. Some you may stand a chance of being banned as well. To the extent use KeyWords while saving and naming an image as well.
  • A very important part of SEO is page - loading. It is critical that your page loads fast. This is not a new entrant in the SEO category. This parameter has been there now since over a decade sine the time people were struggling with website designing.
  • Use re-directs with a little more creativity. It is a good idea to construct your 404 and such other error / re-direct pages well in advance.
  • Trust towards your Sites / Blogs / Pages has a direct relation with the ranking. If your site is not anonymous, if it shows real people running it and the intention of its existence then people will flow more towards you and share more of your content. This creates the Search Engines to understand your Sites / Blogs / Pages as good and genuine.
What are your tips for good SEO?

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Social Media For Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing or Chain Marketing means that the sales persons are not only compensated for the sales that they make but also get the commission on the sales that their recruits or down-lines make. Multi Level Marketing is also popularly known as Network Marketing.

In this format one person can do sales from their end as well as recruit a team of persons under them so that this team in turn makes sales. The top person who created this team earns from the sales of their down-lines as well.

The amount that one would earn as commission and the level of people as down-line is fixed and determined by the main company whose products are being sold and who is the ultimate pay master to this entire networking programme. Many a times you can have unlimited down-lines, however some companies profess that you need to have limitations therein.

Have you considered having a Social Media Platform for Multi Level Marketing?
  • You can set up a Facebook Page for instance and have people join you there. Imagine a Facebook Page can be your one point contact wherein you can have your team touching base with you with their questions, asking you on what best is to be done and so on.
  • This same space can be used to execute your motivational strategy as well wherein you can encourage your team to move ahead and take more challenging sales route.
  • With Facebook as one of your marketing extensions you can safely put up information and latest news at one centralized Page on the internet which all can subscribe to.
  • If you have a rewards programme you can put up the winners and encourage others to gear up as well on this one Facebook Page.
  • If you want to send out an urgent sales offer then this too can be done on your Facebook Page.
So while you can have the rest of your marketing strategy and media playing along a Facebook Page will enable a great method to connect with your Sales Force.

Add to this you will be easily found on Search Engines as well. So go on if you are into Chain Marketing then try out a Facebook Page. Remember it takes time, energy and dedication along with consistency.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Search Engines Technical Limitations - Social Media

Understanding the Search Engine could be advantageous for you. Search Engine Optimization is the process of building your Blog / Site / Social Profile in a way such that the Search Engines can easily find them. This in turn will get them on higher ranks and thereby much easily and quickly available to humans.

Since Search Engines have certain limitations. It is essential and advantageous for your to know these limitations.
  • Search Engines programmes can read text not images, animations and forms. Hence what is behind these is left out. This means that having your Site with flash could be a little hassle or an image which does not have an appropriate name may be ignore.
  • A Link structure that is not developed well and is broken then the Search Engine will overlook this.
  • Usage of terms that normally your Target Audience does not use will be negative for your. For instance if people are used to searching for TV and you are writing television then the Search will not throw up your Blog / Site / Social Profile.
  • Similarly language matters. If you have French Site and your real Target Audience is Japanese then again this stands to be a problem.
  • The most critical factor is quality of your content. Ofcourse the Search Engines cannot understand the content and hence cannot know if the quality is good or bad. Thus they get to know this via the traffic, links and comments on your Blog / Site / Social Profile. So greater your traffic, the better your Blog / Site / Social Profile is rated.
These are few of the suggestions in understanding the limitations of Search Engines.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Interacting With Search On Search Engines - Social Media

It is interesting to note as to how people search on the Internet. Once you know how people search your category based information then you can easily adhere to their requirements. This is how you can use SEO to the fullest. The knowledge of what your Target Audience is keying into search engines is like a little magic wand in your hands. You then are to keep using it at practically all times.

Though people search for various reasons the act of searching is performed in similar way. People go to the Search Engines like and type in the word that directly represents what they are looking for. At times people type a phrase as well. The whole idea is that people are typing so that they reach a destination. For this they type a phrase, a word, a sentence. They hope to reach a proper Site / Blog / Social Profile that gives them or connects them with the required information.

If at all they are not satisfied with what they find then they refine their search query.

There are specific online tools to enable you in understanding on what is the rank of the words that are used in Search. In other words the tool enables you to know which words are used by many people to do a certain Search. Once you identify the words then you need to cross check if they are relevant to your content and what you / your Brand / your Business will stand for. If it makes sense to use the words then by all means do go all out and use them. These are your Keywords. When you use Keywords remember to not clutter your content and not stuff your article with unnecessary usage of Keywords.

Keywords are to be used in an intelligent way. Use them on your Site / Blog / Social Page.

Share your points in here.

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