Thursday, January 6, 2011

Social Media Calls For Pro-Active And Re-Active Actions

When on Social Media you need to have a plan of action. A plan that has directional steps for two paths: one which guides you on the road ahead and the other which helps out when you meet with hurdles on that road. What this goes to say is that you need a plan that is pro-active along with a plan that is re-active.

Allow me to explain this: Just creating a Facebook Business / Fan Pages is not enough. You need a plan - which indicates on what is to be done. Developing a community is time consuming job. The community is to be nurtured and fed with information. As Facebook rightly calls posts as feeds! Truly so, you do need to keep at it and be consistent and fresh as well. It is best to have a diary wherein you will have written about the topics that you want to converse about.

While you plan on this you also need to think in terms of crises. For instance suppose you are administrating the Facebook Fan / Business Page of consumer goods. Who will you approach if one day your community member on Facebook mentions that the goods bought are defective. What would be your steps; at one level how will you address this complain on the Facebook and at another level what will you do at company level. Hence, the plan should also comprise of steps for meeting sudden crises based situations.

When facing crises you need to adhere to the brand philosophy as well.

Conclusion: You need to have a plan that sets you towards your direction clearly. You also need the plan that enables you to tackle crises situations.

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