Friday, January 7, 2011

What Are The Social Media Uses For Your Brand And Marketing Objectives?

What are the Social Media uses. Social Media needs time and dedication. It is not feasible to have the results within a short period of time. But, yes you can start to achieve results over a period of time.

Your brand / business may have several reason to be on the Social Media Sites. It depends how you nurture it and enable it to grow. Based on your efforts you could start to achieve various results.

The various purposes that Social Media could serve are:
  • Customer Service
  • Public Relation
  • Page Ranking
  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Customer Value Enhancement
  • Referral [Friend Get Friend] Programme, Member Get Member Programme, Viral Marketing
  • Encourage Non Active Members To Participate
  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Personality Re-Enforcement, Build Brand Identity And Thereby Brand Recognition
  • Bring In Positive Brand Perceptions
  • Progress Towards Brand Associations, Familiarity, Attitudes, Identity, Personality, Image And Brand Preference
  • Increase The Brand - Consumer Bond, Loyalty Towards Your Brand, Service, Product, Company Etc
  • Over A Period Of Time Customer Intelligence Can Be Built - Who They Are, What Interests Them, And So On Based On What Is Feasible From The Connection Online
  • Create Brand Difference
  • Consumer Insights
  • What Does Your Customer Like And Not Like About Your Brand, Product, Service Etc.
  • Enhance Brand Proposition And Positioning 
  • Try Preventing Attrition
  • Nurturing Brand - Customer Relationship Over Time Thereby Deepening Relationships
  • Identify Active Participants To Give Them More Benefits And Thereby Get Them To Feel More Belonging Towards Your Brand, Product, Service Etc
  • Facilitating Cross Sell And Up Sell
Your turn. What are the various purposes that you would get your brand / business onto the Social Media Site?

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