Sunday, January 16, 2011

Social Media Fallacies

These days business have either got into Social Media or are thinking of doing so, gone are the days of neglecting this marketing channel. While many do get into Social Media, most do not use the media in an appropriate way. There are common myths and wrong doing on the sites that I have come across. Am sharing a couple of them below:

Build it and they will come: Plenty of business houses seem to have registered on Social Media sites. When you go through their Page you will find that they have not posted in a long time - over couple of months. Similarly there are lots of NGOs non-profit organizations and lots of causes that have their Page but do not do anything beyond the initial posts. What happens here? Well at first persons who may have connected / subscribed to the pages  forget that they are members of the community. Hence they do not participate actively. Add to the misery spammers seem to have a free field day on the Pages. They seem to post all kinds of links. What happens here is as and when the right target audience do visit the Page they are lost in trying to understand as to what your Page is all about. The fact of Social Media is that you need to be consistently posting. This consistency is coupled with fresh and interesting content. The interest is to be judged from your customer's point of view.

Response: It is amazing that after a question is put forth by the Page Admin, when people do start to answer on the same, there is no response from the Page Admin. There is a huge responsibility when you want and do mange to generate response from your community people. Please respect the people, their comments and reply / converse back. Incase if there is any negativity taking place try to gently move that particular conversation back on the right track.

Personality: Before you write and post your first comment remember to have the brand print and brand personality drawn out clearly. If your brand image is to go in a particular direction remember to live by it and behave in that way throughout your interaction.

Human: Social Media is all about human interaction. It is got to do with sharing, opinions, conversations, engagement, networking and so on. Please do not reply as a robot. The reason behind being a robot is justified as being professional. But tell me how many of your customers are logging onto Social Sites to receive professional tone. Yes they log-on to get expert advice but this can be done at an human level not as if a person is reading out of text book!.

There are many fallacies that we do as Social Media persons. Remember there are more than the above pointers as well.

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