Thursday, January 27, 2011

Innovative Testimonials Format By Facebook - Social Media

Recently, infact a couple of days back, Facebook has launched a new advertising option. It is actually bringing Social Networking into ads. This option indeed has its merit. It is innovative in its own way. What Facebook has done is that now brands and business can push ads into their target profiles by showing who from your own network has commented / posted about their brand and business.

This is amazing way of bringing word of mouth [in the online scenario], a kind of testimonial format, into ads. It is called
'Sponsored Stories'.

The only negative part that I see is that incase a person does not want to feature onto this ad then there is no opt-out facility. The counter side of this could be that when you comment on Social Media it is anyway available via search engines and so there is no reason why you would require the opt-out facility. Having said this am sure Facebook would have thought of this and there must be some coverage in its policy.

On the whole it is an amazing and innovative method of bring testimonials really alive and what's more you will trust it since you will see your own friend / network person saying / mentioning about the brand / business.

What is your take on this format?

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