Friday, February 4, 2011

Identifying Different Social Media Audiences

Close your eyes and think back on the various presentations that you will have made or have witnessed. Try to remember the various audiences. What do you see:
  • There are some that are nodding
  • There are some that stare without an expression
  • There are those that may choose to close their eyes and sit through
  • There are some who interact
  • There are some that put forth extra ordinary questions that could take discussion on a different tangent
  • There are some who do ask relevant questions
  • There are those who disagree and disapprove
  • And yes there are fierce devil's advocates as well
Like them or hate them, you may feel they should exist or disappear but they are real and very much present.

Similarly when you are working in the Social Media realm you will come across various sets of people who re-act in similar way as shared above in the bullet point - except perhaps closing their eyes and yet being present.

Just as in the presentation scenario you will have to deal with the various individual personalities, in the Social Media world also you need to deal with various personalities. In the presentation you can see body language, eye contact and decipher from the vocal tone of voice in the Social Media sites you end up deciphering from the text matter and any icons [smiley etc] typed uploaded etc.

Just because it is the online world you cannot each time escape and ignore without closing the conversation. Exceptions will remain.

For this you do need have your brand personality drawn out before you key in your first post / comment. The brand personality will enable you in understanding how best you should reply / re-act / behave when you face a certain type of comments.

Your turn - share your views.

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