Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Should You Spread Thinly Or Densely On Social Media Sites?

While working on Social Media, what I have noticed is that as a Brand / Business head you would like to spread out on many Social Media Sites. Yes, this no doubt is a tempting option. The reason is simple and obvious - that you would not like to miss out on any opportunity of connecting with your target audience like your Customers and Clients. You naturally are trying to be on search engines as well and so spreading in this regard could be an option.

Spreading out on too many sites makes it a little difficult to manage. One way to look at it is that you start to post similar messages all across, this method is not a good solution. The reason being is that the 'privileged' and 'exclusive' content that you should be offering on your Social Media Site to your Community Members starts to get lost and diluted. Add to this if you have a very big community then catering to individual person's comments / posts / queries could be problematic and could be complicated.

Instead if you are on a couple of sites only then you can concentrate well. You can cater to your Community Members well and be more focused and precise. Add to this you can attend to your Community while you are on the move via your cell phone for instance.

What is your take? Share your views here. Should You Spread Thinly Or Densely On Social Media?

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