Friday, March 4, 2011

Emails Are Part Of The Social Media Environment

Social Networking and Sites / Media is not confined to just the Social Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. Ofcourse it is this and much more. For instance it is email as well. What would your take be for emails? Would you say that email is part of the Social Media environment?

Well lets for a moment step back and take a bird's eye view of what perhaps is Social Media.
Social Media comprises of us humans interacting on a common usually open platform / sites like for instance Facebook. Via this we share, post, comment and have interactions on an ongoing basis. So, we share text, visual and audio information. Some of these generate responses and others terminate into silent silos. Some create a slight interaction while others get us into deep engaging conversations. Add to this we use it for personal reasons and for business as well.

On the other hand what are we doing with emails?
Well very much similar. The trail mail enables us to understand the conversations at various time intervals due to its time stamp. We share via forwards. And yes we do personal and business communication as well. While email will still be considered for confidential document transfer, it also enables us to have a quick chat. It involves us and definitely in-depth conversations are taken care of.

Just the way Social Media Sites form the daily online activity for many, emails too are seen on daily basis by plenty of people. A safe bet is that people on Social Media would definitely have an email id while people with email ids may not have a Social Media Profile. Email Marketing could be on principles of Social Media

What is your take. Would you look at emails being part of the Social Media environment?
Emails Are A Part Of Our Lives - Social Media

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