Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who And Do - Are Important Criteria To Understanding Your Target Audience In Social Media

As a Social Media Page Administrator / Community Manager how do you look at your Community? Do you take a look at your community? The humans who have joined you / your Page have a reason to do this. The reasons could be direct and obvious at the tertiary level.

For instance an offer and discount expectation could make people look forward to your Page, or some privileged preview and a sneak peek of a new launch could make people enthusiastic and so on. Reasons could be ample. They would be genuine however they would last for as long as your Page supports it. Over a period of time repeating yourself with various similar stories could drain the spirit and enthusiasm out of the Page. Unfortunately soon a blind eye turns towards your posts that throw up on your community members Feeds at their Home Page. It is not that you are to refrain from giving discounts and offer, or a sneak peak and so on. These are universal truths that make the consumer move. However if you want conversations to take place and healthy engagements to take place with regards to your Social Media Page then you need to look at triggers. What are the triggers that your community member normally reacts towards, what makes things go viral, what is it that makes the buzz take place.

Have you managed to go a little deeper. Have you checked on 'who' are your community people? What do they 'do' on your Social Media Site that you and they both co-exists? Don't be carried away only by analytic in quantitative terms. Quantitative terms are good no doubt. However qualitative understanding is also critical. To-gather quantitative and qualitative give us the whole picture.

Many a times you will notice that it is the qualitative understanding that could take the lead in determining as what is the emotional trigger and connect.

In order to know and understand your target audience in qualitative manner it does not mean that you violate privacy norms or start to stalk people in the online world. However a cursory look and a little bit of method can be used to understand who your persons are and what they do in the online Social Media world.

There are two broad and main criteria that you need to concentrate on with regards to deciphering the qualitative understanding of your community member. One is 'who' are your connections and the other is what do they 'do' online on the Social Site that you co-exists with them.

Your turn who are your connects what do they do within your Social Media Site have you figured?

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