Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How Social Media Weaves Its Way Into Your Life

Social Media enables you as the Page Admin and Community Manager to connect with individuals on a one-to-one level. Just years ago it would be difficult for a common man to be heard and listened to by brands and business houses, Social Media has made it feasible for heads of an organization to dip into real time conversations and know where their brand and business is going, or not going.

Sometime back when calling / telephoning, writing letters and sending emails would be falling to deaf ears Social Media has made the company people stand up and react in almost real time. You could make numerous calls to the customer care and the complaint section of the company. All your pleas and anger would fall to deaf ears. You could almost be compelled to make do with a low quality product that you may have just purchased. In comes Social Media and the gravity of the situation turns on its head. A comment sent off by a grieving party creates a mass effect and hence companies have people dealing with this right away.

There are many amazing situations that you will recollect. For instance when emails came into business - procuring the email id of the top people would be a huge detective task. These email ids were one of the top well kept secrets. Today we are not really bothered with email id investigations as a simple Twitter handle connects us right to the top guys and into their mobiles as well [if they gaze at their Twitter via their cell phones].

The ripple effect of Social Media has not only been seen in the business world but it is also visible in the political issues. Elections are won with Facebook Page help. Would one have thought that an entire nation knows when to react with just one click? A revolution can take place with a single status update.

A crisis situation can avail of help with single status update. Today doctors are viewing the photos uploaded by their network and immediately sending an alarm of probable disease or operation to be done. What's more a whole operation was done with Tweets from one surgeon to another team a couple of years back.

What's more, missing people are found. You will have read how people have been found and re-united via networking connections. When there is crises and acts of terror people have kept their status flowing so that the outside world know that one is still alive.

A criminal activity is tracked and Social Media communication stands as evidence for the court. The stalker who was never seen as a suspect could be having huge evidence of illicit activities over the Social Media. The courts of the world are looking at information via Social Media as concrete and authentic evidences.

Naturally if the judiciary system can open its doors to Social Media then why would a character analysis from a recruiter be left out. Today HR personnel are also looking at Social Media to source, identify and even evaluate a candidate. What's more this is an amazing source of reference as well. Infact Social Media Sites like LinkedIn enable you to procure referral and comments about your job / work etc.

You don't have a job? You need credibility to be built up? Start with Social Media share information, solve problems online and see how you start to have a following. This in turn draws people who will want more of this experience and you could have a job in hand / your business going. A Blog does wonders here.

Citizen journalism is a growing concept in the world of journalism - this is taking place on Social Media without actually being termed as citizen journalism. You see something good or bad, what you may approve or disapprove, what may make you jubilant or angry you can quickly update on your Facebook Profile Page. You may see an oppression or a celebration and lo! you can upload this via video, audio, text photo and so on.

It is difficult for most to sleep and call it a day without a peek at the Facebook and Twitter status. And ofcourse what we login to for a quick peek ends up being minimum an hour and so on. We are logged in and very concern about someone else frame of mind. Our own state of mind is not understood by us till we broadcast a post and then we also along with the world understand what is happening to us, what we like and dislike.  Social Media Triggers Us To Be Helpful!

Ofcourse we have the negative side of Social Media as well. As the saying goes too much of good thing if not controlled can lead to negative effect. Having said this the good of Social Media cannot be ignore.

Your Turn - how did Social Media help you?

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