Saturday, March 26, 2011

Segregating Your Community Members - Social Media

Social Media enables you to broadcast your message to your Community and it also enables you to tag individual persons and chat with them. Social Media is an amazing environment; here you can practice the entire spectrum right from mass messaging to one-on-one messaging.

If this is the case then what have we done so far with this amazing platform. Have we identified various clusters that can take place from our Fan / Business Page Communities? What we could do perhaps, is segregate our Community Members into various clusters.

The most basic format of segregation would be Active, Inactive and Lapsed.

People who are engaging with your post and comments on your Page.

Those that are not active.

Those that have been active once and have then refrained for some reason.

Ofcourse the more we segregate the more intense and dynamic the grid could become. However on the Social Media section this could get tedious for some people who have too many Community people attached. So the least format could be
Active, Inactive and Lapsed.

Once you have identified and segregated your
Community Members you can then start to connect with them differently. You will have to take a business decision if you want to touch and connect with the Inactive cluster. While you need to keep in touch with your Active base and try to re-connect with your Lapsed people.

There perhaps is not an urgent need to dice and slice your data too much, a little segregation alone can take you a long way.

Your turn - how best do you segregate your Community Members?

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