Monday, March 28, 2011

Social Media Professional's Skill Sets

If you think that Social Media is an easy job then yes you are correct. It is easy for experienced persons. It is a task that skilled people can see through during crises. It is result oriented that passionate professionals can bring to the table.

Many a times I come across people asking why is Social Media not measurable. Or that since it is just the task of setting up of a profile, putting an image to the avatar and there you are your teenage kid can also put up Tweets and Posts. And some questions are borderline - the middle way: someone in the company who is not loaded with too much work can be authorized to put up Posts.

All these questions are genuine and legitimate. Answering the question of measuring Social Media, well it is very much measured and checked against ROI. The parameters may be different but at the end of the day we all are talking bottom line and ROI.

Answering if it is what we think about just setting up a profile page and doing conversations- well this is like saying that since your friend knows drawing they can do advertising. Yes, it is as closely mismatched as this.

Social Media requires the person to have the following skill sets:
  • Dedicated professional, who 'likes' the Social Media sites. This 'like' means that the person really see Social Media sites as a space to interact and to search information. The person really should be believing and trusting the sites as a resource of serious information. They should for instance be consuming news for instance. The person would be 'listening' at various discussion taking place.
  • We really cannot restrict any of our clients / customers from connecting with us all of 24/7 on Social Media you need the person to be aware of listening tools. Tools that make the person know what all conversations are taking place about your brand, business, category, competition and so on.
  • A person who understands your brand philosophy, brand personality and can translate this into action and behavior onto the Social Media Pages. A financial institute would behave very differently to a particular situation as against a beverage brand, for instance. It is critical that the person understands and translates the brand print into actual behavior.
  • This also requires a person who understands consumer mindset, usage and attitude not only towards your brand but also towards the category and towards the online net and Social Media Site as well.
  • In addition to this it requires that the same person understands mass communication and direct marketing along with the knowledge of the online medium as well. The person requires public relations as well and is adept at rising a flag when crises are about to take place.
So there you are. Who will you recruit? Who is your Brand Voice in the world of Social Media?

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