Friday, April 1, 2011

How To Procure Community Data In Social Media

Social Media lends itself to Customer Relationship Management [CRM]. Although it may be an indirect method to procure data you can still understand what are the trigger points that can work best with your Community Members. For instance if you are on Facebook and if you have a Community on your Business Page then a quick run through of your key Community persons can show you what they like and what matters to them.

Here are simple pointers that can work as starters:
  • 'Listen' in on your own Page what they interact with, what matters to them, on which topics the Posts and Comments are coming in and so on.
  • Next is the timing. You will observe that there are certain days and time bands when your Community Members interact and engage with you and other members. Make sure you note these and create a reminder on when next you are going to talk with your Community.
  • Facebook has this wonder upgrade recently done. Wherein you can now make your Facebook Business Page as your main Home Page. When you will do this on your left hand side you will see 'recommendations'. The algorithm at Facebook is such that recommendations made to you are based on the 'likes' of your network. Hence you can assume to a large extent that your Community is onto the recommended Pages. Thereby you can look at it as what they like.
  • And finally the 'Question' field that is so nicely given to all of us on Facebook. How well have you used it? It is a smooth way to generate information plus enables conversation. Add to this it has an amazing viral spread to it.
Simple? Your turn. how do you 'read' data of your Community on Social Media.

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