Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Treat Your Community With Respect - Social Media

Engage with your audience. We all hear it all the time. Engaging with your audience is the core in Social Media. Keeping your Community engaged on Facebook for instance is what matters the most. While it sounds easy, many a times it could be the most difficult task for some. Engagement essentially means involving, getting the audience to interact and gently leading to a conversational mode. The benefit of this is that you start to relate with people as brand / business. Your brand / business starts to become more relevant to your people.

The question is how do you talk with people. It is only feasible when you and they meet at a mutual point of understanding. What we would call a rapport in normal colloquial English. It is a connection that we sense and exhibit by way of dialogue. Dialogues need not always be in agreement, you may choose to disagree however the line of conversation continues.

There would be many deterrents while engaging. One of the prime ones could be the way you look at your Community.

Perhaps the first and foremost aspect of engaging with your Community would be to not look at them as Fans [incase of Facebook]. Here is where most problems take place. Here is where restrictions come by. Just because Facebook has chosen to call the connection / permission button as 'like' we all tend to call our Community persons as Fans. Announcements such as 'become our Fan' are quite questionable. In Direct Marketing and Loyalty Programme scenario we try our
level best to call / name / brand programmes which people would like been seen in. We try to name the membership and then go on to address our Community with that membership. Do we address them as 'hi Fans'? If you do have an offline programme then why not continue the same online. And if you do not have an offline programme then why not think of it for your 'Fan Page'. Except for very few Brands perhaps the aspect of Fan is slightly far fetched. Instead of saying 'become our Fan' will the message get dissolved if we say 'converse with us on Facebook' and such other lines.

There are various reasons to click the 'Like' button. Let's not be misguided.

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