Sunday, April 17, 2011

Keeping Track Of Competitors On Facebook - Social Media

As Facebook Page Administrator you would be constantly looking for ways and methods to keep yourself updated with the various activities taking place on your Page. Thankfully Facebook has introduced the notification system wherein you can keep yourself in the know if anyone comments or posts on your Brand / Business Page.

Apart from keeping track of your Page you need to track your competitors as well. What do you do? Do you have a method? There are a couple of tools available online that can enable you to track and be on top of information.

A simple but very effective tool is Have you tried this as yet? It enables you to receive email notifications of the posts and comments that are made on your Facebook Page. It does not stop here. You can keep track of other Facebook Pages where you are not an administrator. You have the option of receiving alerts on an immediate basis as it happens, or every hour, day, week or month. The choice is yours.

Have you tried hyperalerts? What is your experience with this site. Do share in your feedback. What similar platform do you use?

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