Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nurturing Your Community - Social Media

Community Management cannot be taken for granted. You don't build a Community of relevant individuals over night. It takes time. It takes leadership qualities. Acquisition takes time and energy. Retention is even more intensive.

To maintain and nurture your Community is the core task. If your Community is satisfied they will be the best ambassadors that you could ever have. Cherish them cause they are precious.

There are a couple of factors that you need to keep in mind when working with your Community on Social Media.

  • Human: Have a voice. Relate to people as a human not as a robot. Many a times one ends up like a robot while trying to be professional. Though you need not cross the line and become overtly friendly, you do need to express yourself and relate to people. You are communicating to people in an environment that demands interactivity and social behavior.
  • Team: Remember it is a team. The spirit of Community lies in it having a momentum of its own. You need to get that spirit up and running. For this at times you may need to be a leader while at other times you need to mingle and be one with your people.
  • Authentic: Be authentic. Show your true self. Be genuine. This is your make or break road to credibility.
  • Respond: Please do not put up something where people comment and you as Page Admin are just not around. Naturally you cannot be 24 hours all of 365 days. However you do need to be there and be see alive. When you set up a Page you are making a promise of being there.
  • Consistency: The stream of posts that come on your Community Member's Facebook Personal Profile Home Pages is rightly called Feed. You need to keep the feed going. Pre-decide how many times you will post. Out of sight is out of mind. And, too much is also not good.
  • Fresh: While being consistent try to keep topical and fresh communication flowing. Content curation is essential in these time.
  • Privilege: People have joined your Page with various reasons. One reason is to belong. Give your Community something special. Make them feel special. After all they are special no doubt. This could be by way of advice, pre-launch information, consultancy and so on.
  • Contests: Give your Community a challenge. Have votes, chance to win and so on.
  • Quality: Don't bring in suddenly too many new people. Grow organically not by just quantity.
So go on talk with people online the way you would when you meet them.

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