Saturday, April 23, 2011

Benefits Of 'Like' On Facebook- Social Media

On Facebook - The Page connector button that connects your Business / Brand Pages with your Community Members is the 'Like' button. There are many misconceptions about the 'Like' button. Do they really like when they click 'Like' is a very debatable thought. The reason being that they may have connected to know information or because they feel they can complain and vent out their grievance here.

There is another debate that makes its rounds - quantity as against quality. Ideally we all would like to have quantity and quality. However this takes time and energy. Many a times people start off with quantity as their goal. For instance people feel that more the quantity that like the Page, better will be the sales and better will be the bottom line. The principle here is that greater and broader the catch even after filtration the number of potential target will be on the higher side. Though this is debatable this is a very common myth that runs in the business houses. Taking advantage of this thinking we will come across many who make claim such as:
'get 1500 Fans on Facebook'.

While there are misconceptions and myths to 'Like' lets take a step back and understand the benefits of 'like. Assuming that you will be doing the Social Media strategy in the right way and will not be the one who is considerably convinced with the misconceptions. The benefits of 'Like' on Facebook would be:
  • First and fore-mostly the benefit of 'Like' is that you can send off a newsletter that goes into your Community Member's message section [under the message section is the 'other' where newsletters reside']. You can send to your Community very focused information that they can react upon.
  • You can segregate your target customers so that you know who are active, passive and lapsed. Once you segregate and cluster them you can then connect with them and plan on how to make them move up the ladder.
  • You can connect with them in actual real time and attend to their questions, concerns and so on. You as a Business / Brand have a chance here to show your empathy and enable your irate customer to understand that you are concerned and that you do care.
  • This is your chance to act, behave and show your Brand Personality. On the Page you can actually live up to your brand image and create a brand personality that your Community Members can relate to. Thereby you grow in relevance and familiarity.
  • You can draw out a performance matrix on what is working and what is not. Thereby you can associate the findings to your bottom line and ROI. You will be able to work out your KPI for the next couple of months based on these findings.
  • With a Business / Brand Page you can do a quick Qualitative research as well so as to understand and know what best triggers the emotional connect with your Community Members and your Business / Brand.
  • Here is your chance to create the privileged feel for your Community. Let them have special offers and so on which would not be available otherwise. Thus they will feel belonged and one with your Business and Brand.
  • What's more, if you post something of relevance / topical / what they like then there is a huge chance of your information going viral. It is very easy to share information, just with one click your Community can share with their network. The authenticity of shared information is much higher. People believe in what they receive from their known sources like their own network.
  • Interaction and engagement is the core of all Social Media existence. This can be achieved on your Page. What better value than having your Community captivated by your conversation and add to it they participating in it as well.
It is a good idea to have a Facebook Page for your Brand and Business. Don't miss out on an opportunity.

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