Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The New 'Send' Button From Facebook - Social Media

Very recently Facebook has introduced a new social plugin, the 'Send' button. This button is to be installed onto your Blogs or Websites. Just when the 'Like'  button completed a year of its existence we now have the 'Send' button.

In essence the 'Send' button enables you to send the information from the Blog / Website to people on your network as a message. Thus if you do not want a particular information to feature on your network's feed and if you do not want that the whole network of your friends view it then this is an incredible facility.

Many a times there are articles and posts of 
Blog / Website that may be of interest to very few people. It may not be general interest to all persons. In such cases when you share the entire post with everyone it may start making people turn a blind eye towards your feeds as they are not relevant material to them. With the result people may start to 'hide' your feed on their home page. The 'Send' button enable you to come clear and be out of such situation. So only those persons who will find the post relevant from the Blog / Website will receive the matter.

Unlike the 'Like' button, the 'Send' button enables private sharing.

Where can you send the matter from the 'Send' button?
  • You can send the information to a person in your Facebook Network as a message
  • You can post it onto your Facebook Group's Page
  • You can email it as per Facebook email id given to Personal Profile Pages
No doubt it is great for focused, private sending of information. What is your take on this button?  Share your inputs.

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