Sunday, May 1, 2011

What Does 'Questions' Mean On Facebook For Social Media Professionals?

You will have seen and used the 'Question' feature on Facebook. This feature is available to Pages and Personal Profiles as well.

Facebook 'Question' is a very useful tool for Page Administrators. It enables your Brand and Business to get your Community Members engaging with you.

Have you ever wondered what would be the reach of the 'Question' when used?

Lets just understand a situation:

When you post via the Facebook 'Question' your
'Question' will appear in the News Feed of your Community Members. If your Community Member interacts / answers then it will create a story on their Profile Page. once this takes place the same story will reflect onto their Network and get featured in their Network's feeds. If someone from this Network interacts with your 'Question' then again it will reflect at the third level Network.

Interaction on
'Question' means either participation in the 'poll' or selection of 'follow' the 'Question'

What this means is that
'Question' is a very lethal tool. It can go viral very easily.

Though, at this point in time search engines cannot index the

Use the 'Question' to your advantage!

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