Thursday, May 5, 2011

Types Of Your Audience Personalities - Social Media

When you handle a Social Media Page for your Brand or Business you need to keep in mind the type of audience that you have. Everyone is not of the same and similar mindset even though they would be connected via a single Page with your Brand or Business. There would be difference in their mindset, in the way they consume your information, in their lifestyle and so on. There are a couple of ways to understanding as to who is your target audience and how should you be re-acting to them. 

Parameter One:
Essentially the first line of identification ofcourse would be based on your own product / service category. This would determine as who would be joining your Social Page. The first line of understanding your target audience would be on the lines of knowing who would essentially join you. You would have your Brand Personality drawn out and hence you would also have sketched out on who is your target audience. For more information: Your Social Media Output Should Be An Extension Of Brand Personality

Parameter Two:
After they join your Brand / Business Page: There are ways in which you can definitely cluster your community. If you have a purchase record and if your back end data collection is robust then you will be able to know as to who are your active, passive and lapsed customer sets. More of this information you will find here: Segregating Your Community Members - Social Media Do read this so as to understand how you can segregate your database on your Social Media Brand / Busniess page.

Parameter Three:
The next step is to identify your target audience. There are universal truths about human behavior. This would be true for the online world as well.
The types of personality that you will encounter could also be clustered based on the responses that you would receive on your Brand / Business Social Page. Lets see the type or persons that you would encounter on your Social Media Page:
  • Joining All Recommendations or The Obligating Types: These are the obliging types. A friend may have recommended your Page and they would have promptly joined it. Not all of them would be off your target mark as the friend would have thought while recommending that your Page would be relevant to the person.
  • Silent Type or The Dead Group: They have joined your Page. However they will never [almost never] seem to respond, interact and join in any conversation. They leave you in the riddle to guess if they have hidden your feeds in their home page for instance on Facebook. 
  • Cut Short: They respond with 'yes' and 'no'. There is no further story to what they say.
  • Obsessive Spammer: Ah these have joined your page with a single purpose. They will copy paste their link on your posts, comments and wall.
  • Devil's Advocate: These have amazing thought process. They will have the other point of view to practically all that you mention.They can make you irritated. Many a times they are healthy as well, as they show you the other side as well. It would be interesting to have engagement with them if they are not unnecessary posting just to draw attention towards themselves.
  • Aggressive: These get angry at a drop of the hat. If ego is hurt then they go aggressive. It is unintentional, however it is in the nature of the person.
  • Interrupter: They seem to step into a healthy discussion and seem to suddenly appear without being a part of the entire talk from the beginning. They feel that they have every reason to get into any conversation. It could be just a 'like' at times on Facebook. They feel compelled to share their information.
  • Active Responder or The Right Ones: This is the one to cherish a little more. They are more the relevant types for you.
  • The Anonymous: This person is someone who has a fictitious name, a fictitious identity and many a times no image. This person is close to the 'Obsessive Spammer' at times and sometimes is the 'Interrupter' type.
Definitely the above personalities are not always exclusive. There would be an over-lap as well which you need to sharply recognize.

A point to be kept in mind is that not all engagement lead to conversion and business. So within those who are great participants we need to further check on their purchase recency, frequency and monetary value. However the active ones are to be respected and taken seriously. They are the reason why we could be in news and come up good on search engine rankings. They are precious to us on our pages. They probably will convert as we would be in their consideration set in their mind.

And, ofcourse we have the RFM [recency, frequency, monetary] cluster / segments who necessarily are important and crucial to us.

What do you think? What is your experience?

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