Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How To Use Facebook Page To Engage Your Customers - Social Media

Facebook has become one of the major Social Networking Sites. Infact as a matter of speaking, and in comparison, it is called as one of the largest nations coming into force - or shall we say is already into force with the political revolution that it enables? Ofcourse Facebook is an electronic site which goes to say that it the people who cause the revolution.

With over 500 million persons on Facebook you are bound to find your target audience on Facebook at-least 99% of the time [leaving out countries that don't allow Social Sites or for the persons who are not into Social Networking on Facebook]. The simple logic of any Brand or Business is that - be where your target audience is. Any Brand would like to have multiple touch points with their Customers. Any Brand would like to make the best use of the various touch points. So, naturally Facebook becomes ideal online and Social space for Brand and Business houses to be in. This is the space where you can befriend your Customers and gently lead them to your objectives.

We all talk about engaging our audience. We understand that engagement will gently lead them to be loyal to us. Thus, in due course of time they would be our best ambassadors.

In this post I shall try to share on how you can engage with your audience on Facebook.

Amongst the many features that you will find on your Facebook Page the main features which can enable engagement are:
  • Share: There is no harm in requesting your Community on Facebook to share. Ask them upfront to share! When they get to share and talk with their network it gets better for you. Firstly your Page matter is going viral. Secondly your Community gets more engaged as they get their network appreciating the content and thereby a reinforcement takes place towards your Page; in other words towards your Brand / Business.
  • Links: Engage them with interesting content. Share the links of content that is relevant and meaningful to them.
  • Photos and videos: This is the universal truth: Pictures not only say a thousand words but they act as eye stoppers as well. On your Community Member's feed they show up as thumbnail. Thumbnails work as wonderful eye stoppers.
  • Create question answer: This is an amazing poll system that Facebook has put up. Here you can actually get votes to a survey, you can generally ask a question and so on. The good part is that it reflects easily in the Feed of your Community Member's Home Page
  • Interesting status updates to draw conversation: Your status updates need to generate a conversation. You can either post an opinion whereby your Community automatically answers, or you can ask for an opinion. You need to get a discussion going.
Make the best use of the Page that Facebook has created.

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