Sunday, May 15, 2011

Your Auto Posts On Facebook May Not Be Read - Social Media

Facebook has been transparent about its algorithms. They are called EdgeRank. It is this algorithm that decides on which post should appear on your Personal Profile Feeds in Facebook. Recently you may have noticed that posts coming from similar third party auto posting sites are getting clubbed together.

This will result in your Fans not clicking each time to check out what all is clubbed together.

The reasons why they sooner or later could stop clicking the clubbed auto posts all-together:
  • The quantity of Posts clubbed together is high sometimes as much as 51 Posts are clubbed together for example
  • Once the pandora box of clubbed Posts is opened the recent Feeds seem to be pushed down
  • When the clubbed Feeds are allowed to tumble out many a times you will notice Posts which are hours old show up throwing the recent Posts down
In short till this situation is not taken care of by Facebook you will need to post manually.

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