Monday, May 16, 2011

How Does Panda Affect You? - Social Media

You will have heard about Panda by now. After Google Instant we have Panda walking in. It is the latest algorithm brought by Google Inc., early this year. It essentially is a fight against the much infamous content farms, copy paste work and link exchanges. Your Blog and Website could get affected by this.

Check on your Page Rank. Have you slipped recently? This could be because of Panda. Panda is popularly known as Farmer. It farms the good sites and brings them upfront on the search.

Google is usually silent about its algorithms. They do not want people to manipulate and exploit the knowledge. This is a positive; when people do not know completely on how to bring their sites up high on the search by malpractice. Even then black hat SEO does take place. 

How will Panda affect you?:
  • You will receive much more relevant search results which will enable you to reach to the required information much more faster.
  • Panda seems to be appreciative of comments and conversations hence your Social Media Sites work out to be a big positive for you.
  • If you use SEO strategy then Panda will start to get fond of you. Do not go in for black hat SEO. Panda will figure this out.
  • Avoid link farms and packages. At some point you may get tempted but resist this as bad fruit. When you avoid such tactics Panda will be nice to you. 
  • Google emphasizes that user experience will get better with Panda. 
  • If there is low quality content then delete it and move it out immediately. You may think it is small quantity of content. However a little can also bring your site down on search.
  • Avoid densely populating the content with keywords and links. However an appropriate usage of links and keywords will work to your advantage.
What is your experience with Panda? Did Social Media engagement and conversations manage to bring you up on search?

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