Friday, May 20, 2011

How To Decide The Frequency Of Your Posts On Social Media

Have you wondered as to how many times should you Post / Share / Comment on Social Media? Too much is not good and too less is worse. Your frequency + content are factors that determine if your audience will stick with your Brand / Business Page.

There are various factors that determine the frequency of your Posts:
  • Category: This is the crucial factor. For instance if you are in the news category then naturally you need to be very frequent - people would like to have information as it unfolds in the world. If you are in the beverage or any other FMCG then people would like to have information about what you are associated with as well. For instance if you have a beverage that is positioned on freshness then people will like to know more about freshness and so on. Having said this your target audience does not consciously look for the attributes it is for you to develop the same.
  • Customer Mindset: Your frequency is directly proportional to your target audience's thirst and capacity to consume information via online Social Media Sites. For instance if you have a beverage which is for senior citizen's particular pain relief unlike what is shared in the above point you may want to slow down a little bit with your frequency.
  • Brand Personality: Your frequency also depends on what personality you want to portray. If you have a personality that is on snobbery then it is best to be a little less frequent.
  • Seasonality: If you have an offer or sales going on then your frequency will vary from what is shared above.
  • Out of sight is out of mind. This is very true in case of the online world. Less according to you may not really be less. The reason being is that your Post is just one of the many that your target audience's Page Feed is receiving. Your post may never be noticed.
  • Predictability is good; but bad without excitement. It is good if you decide that you will post just thrice a week and then stick to it. However you will need to drop in an interesting Post at times to break the monotonous method. Too much monotonous methods can lead to lack of interest.
  • Auto Posts: Reduce the frequency of auto posts. Auto Posts create distance. 
  • While you may think you are posting often your target audiences Feeds do not state the same. Careful: if your target audience does not have too many Pages that they may have joined then your Posts need to reduce.
  • Theme: If you have promised that every day you will share a breakfast news then no matter what stick to this. In crucial situation announce before hand that they should not expect the Post.
The Frequency is very important. It creates affinity. It makes your audience 'look forward' to your posts. Set the pace right. It is critical that you analyze when your audience interacts.

Your turn. What is your frequency to Post? Share your learning here.
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