Sunday, June 5, 2011

Social Media is Mass Comm., DM And PR

Social Media is to be seen as an extension of marketing and branding exercise. Social Media should not be a domain which works on its own in a silo and isolation. It requires the same effort, strategy and brain storming that any other channel would require. Thinking of Social Media at the end when all else is decided could be a slightly wrong approach in today's environment.

Social Media should be a part of your overall strategy. The Brand Personality that you may create for your service or product is to be extended via your Social Media endeavors as well.
Many a times we will notice that Social Media is a live test of the brand personality. Ofcourse the modus operandi would be different. However our target audience would be part of the overall target audience itself. Social Media Sites are one of the touch points for your Customer set. They would be experiencing your Brand at various levels like at the sales counter, TV, hoarding, online advertising and so on.

Social Media has an amazing mix of direct marketing, mass communication and public relations. You can choose to broadcast your message, or connect with your individual target on a one-on-one basis. Or you can use the Social Media platform to manage crisis, and work around as a public relation tool. You have an option to make the best use of Social Media platform. It essentially depends on what your marketing requirement is. You need to analyze your marketing situation and then decide what role would Social Media play. Once you decide on this then you can decide on how the role will enable you to achieve your marketing objectives.

How has your corporate looked at Social Media. Is Social Media top of the mind?

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