Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Is Google Wallet - Social Media

Google will soon be rolling out Google Wallet. This is a payment system that will enable you to just flash your cell phone at the payment counter. Your payment system has shifted from paper notes to plastic credit card. Now as Google launches this you would start to see yourself and people around you paying via cell phones. Essentially this will be an android application. While Google Checkout is the online payment system provided by Google, the Google Wallet is the mobile / cell phone enabled payment system.

How will Google Wallet work?:
  • The application enables your phone to store the virtual versions of your existing plastic cards onto your cell phone
  • When you will tap your cell phone your payment information goes out
  • At some stores it will enable loyalty information as well [this is if the store has a set-up for loyalty programme of Google Offers]
In Short:
  • Google Wallet makes your credit cards fit into your cell phone
  • Makes your phone into a wallet
So, are you all set to use it?
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