Monday, June 20, 2011

Community Testimonials Via Social Media

Social Media enables you to have a captured audience. This is your Community. This Community is to be nurtured and retained over a period of time. You do need to dedicated a percentage of your daily time to your Social Media Community Members. You need to slice your Data and see how is the community progressing. Segregating your Community Members: and measuring your Customer In Social Media: is the key essence. It is essential that you know who your Members are. You do need to decipher what they are seeking and why they have joined your Social Media Page. Once you understand your Members you will be able to segregate them and understand who are your active Members. A note on how to measure your Social Media efforts:

While you do this you need to check at your back-end on which Community Members are your good Customers. These good Customers are to be nurtured so that they in turn become your Brand ambassadors. They can give a testimonial and make others aware on the positive experience about your Brand / Business. Having a testimonial from your existing Customer is a very valuable asset that you can have.

There are two ways in which you could receive the testimonials:
  • You could request these Customers, who are your Community Members as well, to share their experience with your Brand / Business
  • The second way is the unsolicited method - which is better - is that they on their own put in a good word on your Page
Either ways remember to thank them. It is entirely your Business decision to decide on which of the two routes you may prefer from the above points. After all Community Management on Social Media sites like Facebook is not just about having a Fan / Business Page set up: If your Customer is happy they will volunteer and share their experience. It is best if you have a collection of unsolicited testimonials.
Unsolicited testimonials are a great way of showcasing your good service and product. It is more genuine and is more believable. It enables you to enhance the positive perception towards your Brand / Business.

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