Thursday, June 30, 2011

Get Your Community To Talk - Social Media

While you work heavily on your Social Media Pages it is imperative that your efforts pay off. One of your objectives would be to have your Community Members talking about your Brand / Business. When people start to talk about your service / product is works very beneficial for you. At one level you have a viral spread taking place and at another level you have your Members acting as ambassadors for your Brand / Business.

There are various ways in which you could enable your Community Members to get talking about your Brand / Business:
  • Get them involved: If you could enable user generated thinking pool for your product / service then you will not only know where you stand but also get to know what is expected. Sometimes just a little add-on can make your offering get more preference from your Customers. A collaborated output has far more better acceptance and trial.
  • Create a 'want': Get your Community Members to apply / opt in for your trial. This will create a 'look-forward' feel. When they are eligible and get an opportunity to use / try your product / service - this will create more buzz and talk. A feeling of being the 'privileged' person gets people to feel that they 'belong' and this will in turn benefit you as well.
  • Happy people create more happiness: When your happy Customers spread the good word and their positive experience it enables more people 'willing' to join you rather than what your sales pitch would have created.
So go on and create the buzz. Social Media is an amazing platform.
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