Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Your Community's Network Is Important - Social Media

Social Media is a great platform for sharing information. It is a great platform when things go well and people share either what you want them to share or they share on their own a positive note about you / your Brand / your Business. There are various people sharing various matter. People automatically start to prefer a certain platform for a particular aspect. For instance: LinkedIn to show professional side while Facebook Profile Pages for friends and family.

On Your Social Media Page you will find that particular people share a lot while some do
this less frequently and others may have not as yet done the sharing.

Have you tried to track and see if those who are sharing have the network that could be useful to you? Try to monitor and see who other than your immediate Community is getting to view what you Post. It is a critical and good to know aspect of Social Media.

Track the people and check if they also would be good to have on your Social Media Page. When your core Community Member is doing too much sharing and still no one from their network seem to join you perhaps it is time to understand that the sharing may not be so much of value. You need to have a quick check on those people who share less frequently. Perhaps they may be having an actual relevant target audience in their network. It is a simple understanding that people connect with people who perhaps have some similar liking. There is huge potential in the network of your Community Members; it is your task to see as to what may make the difference.

Your Community Member would be having in their network people who have some similar choice. This section could be a huge potential for you to take your Brand / Business ahead. Check this aspect and go ahead.

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