Sunday, July 10, 2011

SEO Pointers - Social Media

SEO is an important criteria for your online activities. SEO [Search Engine Optimization] if done accurately and consistently then it can be a very rewarding work.

Below are a couple of myths and pointers that one should consider while working on SEO tasks:
  • Duplicate the content: Having a couple of blogs that are same is not the way to go. Also having same content across various Social Media Sites, Blog and Website is not a very good idea. There are two main disadvantages: One is that your Pages and Site will not be taken up higher by Search Engines and secondly your Target Audience will loose interest as wherever they go it seems they have to see the same copy paste job.
  • Images are to be named as Image1, Image2 and so on: Spiders [Crawlers / programmes / scripts] of Search Engines do not 'read' photos, videos and audios. What they do read is text matter. Hence here is a great chance for you. Name your images as per proper and relevant keywords. You can name your images while saving them. Alt Text is an important feature.
  • Link: Your best SEO is linking the various matter with each other. If you have referred to some point in another post then why not hyperlink the two. As much as external linking is important do remember to work towards internal linking as well.
  • Another task of SEO is Keyword. You need to research on what is the right Keyword for your task. Keywords are critical hence before you start to post you need to be clear on your set of Keywords. They need to be intelligently used across all your online work. This starts right from your URL name and so on. Your Page Title, Headline, Sub-head and so on all should be having the intelligent usage of Keywords. There are two parts to this one is On-Page and the other is Off-Page. Use your Keywords in MetaTags and so on.
SEO should not be considered later - it is the first part that is to be done planning for.

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