Friday, July 15, 2011

Google Plus Circles For Your Brand And Your Business - Social Media

Google Plus is one of the most talked about Network Sites in today's time. You look at the Tweets and it is one of the most Tweeted content on the internet. Though in its nascent stage as yet Google Plus has shown great advantages.

In this post am going to share a couple of features that are very advantageous for Brand and Business Networking.
Google Plus has a significant feature called Circles. It could be compared to what Facebook has as Lists.

Circles from Google Plus enables you to form various groups. You can have plenty of groups. For instance friends, family, work and so on. The Circles enables you to have focused and targeted information sent out. Thus your information is not sent off to people who may not be interested in that piece of information. In the same way you can click on any of your Circles and you will be able to view the information posted by members of that particular Circle alone.

Your people will not know the name of the Circle that you put them into.

An amazing part is that when you post you can select the Circle you want to share your post with. You can select individuals from your GMail as well. And here is the amazing part: you can select to share with your entire Circle as well as the network in their Circles. This is the point of extended / spread of information you can do. One more part is that you can share your post with people whom you may have not added to your Circles but if they have added you to their Circles you can send out information to them.

You can chat with your particular Circle exclusively. This way you can have many people chatting with similar interest or concern.

You can select what part of your profile information is available to which Circle. For instance if you have your professional Circle they will be able to view your education and employment while your friends Circle can view your relationship, location and so on.

If you are posting information that you may want to share and draw attention of a particular person then you can do tagging. You can simply tag by '@'.

The features in Google Plus enable you to do a quick research and ask on what is it that your Customer would be seeking. Ofcourse still the 'questions' section has not been well developed still you can make the best use of the post section.

Google has enable your android phone to be in sync with your Google Plus Network. This means you can be online when you are on the go.

You can have Customer Care taking place on your Google Plus - and have your Brand and Business reaching out to various persons and group of people [Circles].

Your turn: Would you look at Google Plus for Brand and Business?

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