Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Important Points For Your Social Media Endeavor

Social Media is developing into an active and a well recognized part of Marketing. Companies and Business Houses are recognizing the advantage in having a Social Media presence. In order to maintain an active and robust Social Media Page there are a couple of pointers that could be useful. Check out these parameters and do share your favorites too:
  • Think of the activity as Communication extension. Look at the activity as part of building the Brand and role playing / behaving as per the Brand Personality. Your Consumer has many touch points with your Brand, one of the touch point is the Social Media Platform that you may be working on. This means that a singular Brand Message and a singular Brand Personality is to be in existence all across.
  • Look at your Social Media Page as a space where your Customers will interact with you in two situations. Situation one: When they are angry they will seek you and Post the grievance. The second part is that since it is Social in nature they will view your Posts and Comments when they are on that particular site at their convenience. You need to respect their time and the reason why they have connected with you.
  • You need to be active on your social Media Page if you are looking at your Community Members interacting and engaging with you. Do not think that if you have created your Business / Brand Profile Page you have got your Social Media presence. This is a myth. The term Social itself signifies that you behave and remain consistently Social. Be consistent and update your Social Media Page regularly. Ofcourse do not cross the the line and be a nuisance either.
  • Many a times we see blatant sales messages being posted. This is again an incorrect approach. The idea of being on Social Media is so that you attain top-of-the-mind recall value and not so that you have a space to blast sales messages. You need to carefully develop and hand hold your Community Members. Give them lots of reasons to be on your Page.
  • When your Community Members start to interact do make it a point to revert as soon as possible. If you feel satisfied that people are interacting and then do not share back then it is not worth being on the Social Media scenario. 
  • Your Community Members could write just about anything on your Page. You will need to know how best you can monitor this. You also need to decide before hand on how you should deal with various situations. You need to know how negative comments for instance is to be handled.
  • Make it a point to let your Community Members feel privileged. Make it a point to let them feel that they belong to your Social Page. Give them information that has not been out. Let them have a sneak peek at what is taking place with your Company / Brand / Business / Product / Outlets and so on. Let them feel that because they are on your Page they are receiving first hand  genuine inside information.
  • Have a trend and stick to it. Have a weekly trend like question answers etc. Let your Community Members know that there will be an interaction hour on a particular day of the week at a particular time. This will make them look forward to the time. This creates an amazing feeling and it opens up a real active engaging communication.
  • Ask and you shall get. If you are doing all of the above then it is time to ask. Ask your Community Members to invite their Network. Ask them to recommend. Ask them to share with their Network what you may Post. Use this tool of asking very carefully. You need not get aggressive here or become a nuisance. Remember the discretion to act on your request is upto your Community Members you cannot force them. Remember that you are asking them to share what may hold them in good light with their Network. Do not ask / blast sales messages. 
Your turn. What are your key pointers. Share them here.

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