Monday, July 25, 2011

What Causes Social Media Crises?

Social Media has opened up new avenues of understanding for the Brands and Businesses. The days of mere push of information has taken a sharp turn. It is no more just push. Here there is pull as well. Together they make interaction feasible. While there is a debate that the Social Media space is owned by Customers I would say both, the Customer and the Brand have equal rights and ownership. Perhaps ownership can be defined by this fact: the one who uses Social Media correctly starts to own it. So if a Brand chooses to stay out of it and be lethargic then the ball is in the Customer's court.

Thus in simple words Social Media belongs to that person or Brand who stays on top of things. It is an era where you need to plan and execute with ease and consistency. You need to pre-plan on how you will tackle various types of situations. It may not be possible to plan for all events however it would be worth spending time and energy to construct a structure on what and how you will behave in a particular situation.

Many a times we may come across the view that controlling a Brand Perception now is out of question due to Social Media - however if we plan then it should not be very difficult. The perception of a Brand is developed with various factors one of them is Social Media. Usually a bad service or a defective product results in a Social Media crises. If your product does not deliver what it mentions, or your customer service fails, or your after sales service goes out of context then you are most probably going to face a Social Media crises. You may face a Social Media crises if your Social Media personnel does not behave and act in an appropriate way.

You can face a Social Media crisis whether or not you have a Social Media Page. You may think that since you are not on Social Media you can stay away from the Social Media mess and crises. Well, this is not true, an angry customer is not going to wait for you to arrive on the Social Media scenario. If you are not present then it is your loss, your loss all the more. Your angry customer will post the grievance anywhere and you will have to go chasing the messages.

Social Media will be used under various situations. Sometimes your stakeholders may be against your stock market value for instance. Reasons to have a Social Media crises could be ample and plenty. Sometimes an unhappy employee may just go ranting about how improper your systems are.

What makes a Social Media crises stand out and make a huge following? There are two factors that can make a Social Media crises go out of hand and create many people to go against you, your Brand, Product, Company and so on.
  • The first point is that when a grievance is not attended with care, respect and a definite rectification course.
  • The second part is when useless, unnecessary justification is given although there is a glaring problem.
When you attain the above two points your Social Media crisis will begin to go out of your hand.

So while the thinking is that the Customer has taken over I would say it is not so true if you play your role well. You can to a large extent control and rectify your Social Media Brand Perception.

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