Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why Use #Hashtag In Twitter ? - Social Media

This sign on Twitter is the most known and used: #. It is called Hashtag. Though it may be a little difficult to organize content on Twitter #Hashtag has made it a little simple. Hashtag has made searching on Twitter easy. It has made the conversational thread feasible. You can search with # and have other people continue to converse. Infact # enables to have an alert system as well; during crises situation people Tweet out with # attached to words / phrases.

You will have yourself used the Twitter Hashtag at some point in time while Tweeting. The Hashtag is put along with a word or phrase. There is no space between the Hashtag and the chosen word. 

The uses of Hashtag # can be summarized as below:
  • The main purpose of #Hashtag is so that your Tweets can be organized by you.
  • In a way you create categories via the #Hashtag usage.
  • Additionally people searching for that particular #Hashtag will be able to read your Tweets as well.
  • A #Hashtag enables you to make the persons reading your Tweets understand for who or what purpose you have Tweeted. This way the right Target Audience will select your Profile to follow.
  • A #Hashtag enables others to Re-Tweet your Tweets.
  • Having consistency in your #Hashtag enables you to procure new followers who have similar topics to discussed.
What is your experience with #Hashtag of Twitter?

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