Friday, August 5, 2011

Facebook Posts Ethics - Social Media

Social Media is one of the great spaces where a Brand / Business can communicate with their Customer Set. If handled well you will find good and loyal people attached to your Social Media Page over a period of time.

Many a times one could get carried away when one is working on Social Media. Spaces like Facebook do hold a great reason to be carried away. While on Facebook Page Management you need to keep a couple of ethical behavior in mind:
  • Strange and over friendly messages do not hold good on a Business / Brand Page. While you do need to be friendly and relate to your Community Members it is essential that you maintain professionalism. It is preferred that you do not cross this line.
  • Usage of too much of short form and lingo will not hold good. Your Brand Personality may be catering to the youth or the teens crowd still slang will not hold good. 
  • You need not hop into all Conversations that your Community People may hold with each other on your Page. Many a times you may see that people do tend to converse with each other if they are observing each other on your Page for a long time. Allow this conversation to take place if it is within the preview of your Page Philosophy. If it is outside your Page criteria then you can gently send out a message.
  • Remember to revert and post back the required information as quickly as feasible. This is very critical in Social Media. People may not expect it in real time every time however the earlier you are the better.
  • Have the ratio of auto Post much lesser than manual Posts. Facebook algorithms do not encourage third party auto feeds. Add to this a manually posted information is always more interacted.
  • Do not copy paste some other Posts and messages. This is plagiarism. You may loose credibility over a short span of time. 
  • Show that you are human and not a robot. Empathy is important. While maintaining professionalism do not end up being robotic.
These are some of the ethics. There are couple more. Do share your points.

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