Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Precaution While Working On Link Building - Social Media

An important part of working on Social Media is to understand about Links and Link Building. Links are like little veins or tracks that guide the Search Engines crawlers [programs / scripts / algorithms] to go and check out the Site / Blog /Social Profile. Search Engines have built their algorithms in such a way that if you start to spam and paste your Link across without a relevant reason then your Site / Blog can be flagged and quarantined. Sometimes banned as well.

For this purpose it is essential to know as to what criteria should you look out for while working on Link building:
  • It is essential to know the health and quality of the sites where you Post your Links.
    • If the site where you Post your Links does not have a good traffic then it does not hold good for you.
    • If the site where you Post your Links is not having proper content which is useful to readers and if it is not alive [frequent posting] then again this is not going to hold good for you.
    • If the site where you Post your Links is not having content that is relevant to your readers then again the reader coming onto the site will not click your link as your link is not relevant to them.
  • Post your links onto forums. Careful when you do this. If you go all out it will end up being rated by other members of the forum as spam. Unnecessary posting will not hold good.
  • Post your links on Sites / Blogs and Forums which have good ranking.
  • Directory submission is another good way to have Links back to your Site / Blog / Social Media Page.
  • If at all you have Business Partners then it is a good idea that you share with them Badges which have inbuilt Link to you.
  • If you can create content that have the strength to get spread out in a viral way then there too is great chance for you.
Link building is a slow process. It is to be done strategically and let it grow organically. My Business Page is on Facebook at: Do join me.