Monday, August 15, 2011

Tips On Keyword Selection - Social Media

Understanding Keywords is an essential criteria when you work in the online territory. It is the Keywords that will eventually get your right target to you in the online world. Keyword understanding, finding and usage is one of the most important tool that you have. The knowledge of Keyword is your mighty sword / pen. Keyword finding / research is not a one-time effort. You need to be continuous in your research.

It is the Keywords research findings that tell you where your market and category is going. Keywords are what people type onto search engines when they are looking out for a particular matter online. Hence to know the pulse of your Target Audience you are to be well tuned into Keyword research. This is a simple but great way to know where your Business / Brand is as compared to your category / market. Based on your finding you will be able to work on your On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

Your Keyword finding will enable you to estimate on what is your Target Audience seeking. Every search phrase is recorded by various Search Engines and you can retrieve this information in a simple manner. Identification and the final selection of Keywords depends on the value of the Keywords:
  • The Keyword that ranks well when you research needs to be validated.
    • Ask the question if this is right for your Brand / Business: The Keywords need to be in-sync with your Brand Personality. It should be able to identify with your Brand and enhance it.
    • You need to check if the Keyword is relevant to the content that you have on your Site / Blog / Social Media.
  • What perhaps you could do is physically go on search engine and type out the Keywords.
    • Check on the number of paid ads that get thrown up alongside. This enables a little in indicating the strength of your Keywords.
These are couple of tips. Your turn share your tips here.

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