Saturday, August 20, 2011

What Social Media Is Not

We know Social Media is all about Conversation. If Conversations are taken care of properly and given good direction then over a period of time they become great Engagement avenues for your Customers with your Brand / Business. 

Here in this Post I will talk about what Social Media is not. Below is a quick list of what Social Media is not as far as Business and Branding goes:
  • Social Media is not a broadcast platform for sales. With great conversations and engagement you will be able to develop loyalty and Customer connect. This will eventually lead to sales. Having said this, Social Media is not about creating amazing sales messages and bombarding your Target Audience / Community Members with it. People go to Facebook to communicate and interact. This interaction can be on friendly basis amongst friends, family or peers. It can also be to gather and share information. Hence they may want to know what is taking place, what is the latest and so on. They will not mind consuming information. What they will mind is getting tedious sales messages. People understand. They are not naive. It takes very little to 'un-friend' your Brand and Business. It takes less than 4seconds.
  • Social Media is not really about yourself. Though people want to know what others do, they do not want inane status messages. It is ok to share a little company experience [as your Brand and Business Personality may suite]. However it is not so right to mention how tired you are.
  • As the Page Administrator you need not jump into each and every Conversations that take place. However you will need to have a method to listing into each and every Conversations that take place. This means that when a Conversation is active you need to weigh if you can share anything of value or anything that enhances and or builds relationships. If what you will type, does not match any of these criteria then you need to really re-consider if you should step into the Conversation.
  • While there is strength in numbers Social Media is definitely not a race to get more people to your Page. You need to have people who are your true Target Audiences. You need to have them join you not by pushing them but with their own free will. A chronological growth though slow will be more healthy and sturdy than a quick over-nite growth of Fans / Followers.
  • Social Media is not about being a robot. In an endeavor to be professional please do not sound like a robot - a copy paste of same message to various people will not hold good - 'sorry we will get back to you' for instance.
  • Abandoned Pages are huge fields for spammers. When you as an Administrator will not be present on your Page there will be spammers ever ready and willing to post their links. Ignoring your Page is equivalent to ignoring your Brand / Business.
  • Maintain good ethical and respectful relationship. Do not behave highhandedly with your Community People. If you have mentioned that you will revert then you need to revert as soon as feasible.
  • You do need to be consistent on your Page. If you come and say a hello once in a week it may be too weak for your Relationship. The right balance of Content and Frequency along with proper Ethics creates a lasting bond.
  • Treat your Social Media as a commitment and not as a one off ad-hoc job that is to be completed. If Social Media is a one off case then better you do not do this.
There are lots of other myths that you may want to burst - share them here!

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